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As the power of data becomes an increasingly obvious enabler for both improving performance and driving product and business model transformation, the value of analytics and information management has become paramount.

Our research and consulting services help you make sense of technology trends, find the right partners, and make the right practical calls as you build your own capability.


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IBM’s Customer Analytics proposition: it’s complicated

You may already know that IBM has embarked on a major transformation programme. At the centre of this is an attempt to focus on a set of core strategic initiatives as a way of shifting its business [...]

SAP HANA: Real-time platform processing at the transaction / analysis nexus

SAP’s Big Data strategy is focused on real-time business decision-making, at the nexus of (unsurprisingly, given its enterprise operations heritage) transaction and analytic processing. SAP’s [...]

More heavy-lifting for hire, as AWS urges its customers to rise up [the chain] and be valued

I was at Amazon Web Service’s Summit in London last week, and the phrase of the day (indeed, pretty much AWS’ phrase of the moment – as the Summit tour wound its way across the globe) is [...]

Two quick reasons why Microsoft acquired Datazen

This week Microsoft announced the acquisition of Datazen, a mobile business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool provider that pushes data to devices including those running on Windows, [...]

Self-governing teams: how TransferWise organises for success

Last week Computing staged a Big Data Analytics Summit here in London. One of the main themes of the day centred on examining what it takes to become a data-driven enterprise. One presentation that [...]

premium research

Customer Analytics profile: IBM

Published: 30 Apr 15

IBM is one of the most established players in the enterprise customer analytics market, a position it has built up predominantly through a fast-paced acquisition strategy that includes acquiring [...]

On the Radar: Visokio

Published: 22 Apr 15

Visokio provides data blending, data visualisation and reporting capabilities to its customers via the Omniscope product [...]

SAP HANA: Real-time platform processing at the transaction / analysis nexus

Published: 20 Apr 15

The prevalence of commodity disk-based hardware heralded the first wave of Big Data adoption, but a more recent focus on speed (as much as size) of data – and shortening timeframes in which to act [...]

Big Data and Analytics: CMO perspectives

Published: 16 Mar 15

How are CMOs tackling the Big Data challenge? What's the truth of the CMO / CIO relationship? Where are technology investments being focused? Is there a really a skills gap related to analytics and [...]

Omnifone delivers Music-as-a-Service with Amazon Web Services

Published: 06 Mar 15

This report examines cloud-based music services provider Omnifone’s use of over 20 Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings to deliver a globally-consistent, low-latency, highly-available digital music [...]

meet the lead analyst

Helena Schwenk, Principal Analyst

Helena is a highly accomplished IT industry analyst with over 20 years’ industry experience – the first six as a practitioner, and the last 14 as an analyst. At MWD Helena leads the Customer Analytics research program advising clients on how best to apply analytic practices and technologies to help drive business and marketing initiatives for enhancing customer loyalty and advocacy, growing the customer base, maximising lifetime value and helping build a differentiated customer experience. Her research agenda covers topics such as predictive analytics; social, web and mobile analytics; personalisation, real time decisioning and examining the role that Big Data analytics plays in underpinning these cross functional efforts.

As part of her role Helena provides authoritative research and advice to both enterprises and technology vendors on the topics such as product selection, best practice, vendor comparisons and market positioning. Helena presents regularly at conferences and seminars, and has contributed to media titles such as, Computer Weekly and Business Week.

 Follow Helena on Twitter @hmschwenk

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