Too much vs. not enough – creating social collaboration usage guidelines

There has been much talk around the web about the importance of creating social media guidelines to clarify how organisations expect their employees to behave when posting on public social networks or communities (either in their personal or professional capacity). However, this issue is becoming increasingly important inside the organisation as well, as internal social […]

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Alfresco triples its funding to go faster to market

Alfresco (the on-premise/cloud/hybrid enterprise content management and collaboration vendor) has recently announced it’s raised $45m in Series D funding “to increase velocity of its Go-to-Market strategy globally”. Why is this interesting? Well, back in July, in our On the Radar report on the company, we said that it was “getting much more involved in its partners’ go-to-market strategies [...] rather than being content […]

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Big Data gets wire data as ExtraHop shares its special source

This week ExtraHop Networks announced that its wire data analytics platform now supports the streaming of data to MongoDB (amongst other places). The product already provided Open Data Streams (ODS) for Splunk and VMware Log Insight (and this week’s announcement also includes ODS for Elasticsearch) but where the MongoDB announcement is interesting is that it paves […]

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It’s always hard to tell someone their baby is ugly…

We get a lot of questions from our community here about the Chief Digital Officer role and its potential relevance/value, and also about how companies craft Digital strategies. To respond to that, we’ve started to reach out to those in our community playing Chief Digital Officer roles, and our hope is to share their experiences […]

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Building a business case for social collaboration

In a new report published this week, Angela Ashenden draws on her extensive case study research and analysis and sets out a best practice approach to How to build a business case for social collaboration. The report is available for free download until September 19, 2014 (free registration required) – click here to get started. About this […]

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Why isn’t HR more involved in social collaboration initiatives?

People often talk about why social collaboration initiatives fail, and any organisation on their own collaboration journey will be conscious of the massive pressure to achieve strong levels of adoption of their new technology in order to demonstrate their success. The trouble with this, in my view, is that while technology adoption metrics provide insight […]

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Teradata acquires more Big Data tech, but what will it do with what it already has?

My colleague Helena Schwenk and I have been tracking movement in the fast-changing Big Data management market. As we’ve said in our recent vendor landscape report and webinar, big name vendors have tended to acquire, partner, and tweak their way into constructing a badged Big Data offering so they can say to their customers “look, we […]

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Zimbra adds to its to-do list with Mezeo acquisition

Earlier this week, Zimbra (formerly known as Telligent) announced that it had acquired Houston, Texas-based  Mezeo for an undisclosed sum, adding Mezeo’s file sharing and storage capabilities to Zimbra’s growing portfolio of collaboration-based solutions. Since the company’s strategic acquisition of the Zimbra business from VMware in 2013, the newly renamed Zimbra has been fleshing out its […]

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Overwhelmed by the volume of Big Data information out there? Step this way…

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Wading through all the information that’s out there about Big Data is probably as overwhelming as trying to make sense of all the data in your own business coming at you from numerous disparate sources – what’s the quality like, is it up to date, is it relevant to me, how […]

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Microstrategy World 2014: new product packaging, courting LOB users and raising its profile

This week in Barcelona Microstrategy held its European user convention where around 1,200 delegates congregated to hear the company, partners and customers showcase the latest from the BI vendor. Whilst there was a lot to take in at the event it was the company’s announcement about a new packaging scheme designed to simplify pricing for […]

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