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‘Digitalisation’ and the optimal co-ordination of resources

First off I need to say that I am deeply ambivalent about the term ‘digitalisation’. There’s one too many syllables in the word. Nevertheless it’s the term used in this post from Gartner which set me to my keyboard. The title of this ‘Smarter with Gartner’ (cute branding!) post is “Digitalization or Automation Is […]

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Two reasons why HR needs to invest in social collaboration

With its benefits including more effective and streamlined communications throughout the organisation and better connecting staff, it’s perhaps not surprising that in many organisations a social collaboration initiative begins in the internal communications department; often it’s in conjunction with a need to overhaul or reinvigorate the corporate intranet, or to support efforts to unify a […]

Posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2015 by

Case Management is the big focus for IBM’s BPM offering in 2015

Over the past few years, IBM has been on a steady BPM technology trajectory that’s seen it consistently extend beyond its integration-centric heritage to produce flexible tools that can cope with different kinds of work scenario, are easy to use, and able to handle very significant design-time and operational scale. With its latest release IBM […]

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Alteryx: on a mission to make analysts more productive

This month Alteryx, Inc. was in London as a participant of Tableau’s user conference. The data blending and advanced analytics vendor has around 350 joint customers with Tableau (including recent wins at Audi, EasyJet, EMC, and Johnson & Johnson) so it’s perhaps no surprise to see the company take prime position at the customer event. […]

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Bonita BPM 7: from BPM to ‘living applications’

With the release of Bonita BPM 7, the commercial open-source player has become part of a growing band of BPM technology vendors making a shift towards delivering broader business application development functionality. This is a natural consequence of the maturation of BPM technology and its increasingly tactical application. Bonitasoft has implemented a number of important […]

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Peeking into Pentaho’s Big Data Analytics platform

Pentaho, a Hitachi Data Systems company (www.pentaho.com) is headquartered in Orlando, FL, USA and provides a big data orchestration platform for blending data from multiple sources and delivering a broad range of embeddable business analytics capabilities. The company was acquired by Hitachi Data Systems in June 2015 after over a decade of being privately held […]

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Is social collaboration on your agenda? Take part in our new survey!

Hype about social collaboration technologies and their power is everywhere, but we want to learn more about what’s really happening, and why. Over the last few years, we’ve published a fantastic library of case studies which show how organisations are getting value from social collaboration, and this has helped us to provide you with some […]

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From channel-shift to design-shift

Anyone who’s played a management role in a customer service function is aware of stats that show the differing costs associated with serving customer requests or delivering services across different channels (online, by phone, in person, etc). Here in the UK we know from the UK Government’s Digital Service (GDS) that booking a driving test […]

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PNMsoft’s new energy

PNMsoft was founded in 1996 as Panam Information Systems in Israel; it changed its name and moved its HQ to the UK in 2006, although its R&D centre remains in Israel. Today the company has around 400 customers and around 150 employees. The company experienced 38% growth in turnover in 2014, and around half of […]

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Cupenya – innovation in process performance and prediction

Cupenya is an early-stage company providing an operational process intelligence platform that helps organisations measure the performance of business processes using a highly intuitive graphical modeling notation. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, with a US operation in Dallas, TX. Cupenya Insights is a web-based operational process intelligence platform designed […]

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