What does Mobile Collaboration mean to you?

What do vendors and their customers mean when they talk about Mobile Collaboration – and is it always the same thing? We’ve talked to both sides with an interest in this emerging area to unpack what practitioners are looking for (and whether that’s consistent across different market sectors), and how established collaboration technology vendors and […]

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MatsSoft: Simple, flexible BPM technology for supporting customer interactions

MatsSoft is a growing UK-based business process application technology platform provider with a fairly long heritage but a low profile. Now the company is setting its sights on reaching new markets with a radically overhauled platform and a new go-to-market approach. The company’s origins were as a digital marketing agency serving UK banks and building […]

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At Eurostar, IT’s all about the customer

Eurostar, founded in 1994, is the high-speed train company that links the UK with France and Belgium through the Channel Tunnel. It carries over 10m passengers a year. Eurostar’s mission is to create Europe’s most loved travel experience, and as I found out in a recent interview with CIO Antoine de Kerviler, the company’s IS […]

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ManyWho: Cloud-based workflow, with a twist

When it comes to the landscape of tools that organisations can use to manage and co-ordinate the work that people do, we’re seeing the established ‘enterprise-scale’ players being joined by a fast-growing constellation of new suppliers explicitly targeting clients who want to start fast and get value fast. These suppliers are providing their tools from […]

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EVRYTHNG: ‘Facebook pages’ for connected products

You’re exploring how connected products and the Internet of Things might bring opportunities to your business. Perhaps you’re a supply chain player and you want better visibility; perhaps you’re a consumer brand and you want to create new kinds of engagement with customers (circumventing retailers); perhaps you’re a white goods manufacturer wanting to find ways […]

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IBM’s Customer Analytics proposition: it’s complicated

You may already know that IBM has embarked on a major transformation programme. At the centre of this is an attempt to focus on a set of core strategic initiatives as a way of shifting its business to more lucrative, higher-margin technologies – including those for Big Data and analytics, cloud, mobile, social and security. […]

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“A platform to help you scale your ideas”

AppianWorld, Appian’s annual conference, continues to grow in line with the company’s scale and ambition. Some things – important things – remain the same, though. This year’s AppianWorld, held in Washington DC this week, saw around 1,000 registrants come together for two days of education and networking. Appian doesn’t go in for the kind of […]

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SAP HANA: Real-time platform processing at the transaction / analysis nexus

SAP’s Big Data strategy is focused on real-time business decision-making, at the nexus of (unsurprisingly, given its enterprise operations heritage) transaction and analytic processing. SAP’s Big Data play is SAP HANA’s convergence of database and business application capabilities – enabling transactional processing, text analysis, predictive analysis, data virtualisation, spatial processing, streaming data processing and more […]

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More heavy-lifting for hire, as AWS urges its customers to rise up [the chain] and be valued

I was at Amazon Web Service’s Summit in London last week, and the phrase of the day (indeed, pretty much AWS’ phrase of the moment – as the Summit tour wound its way across the globe) is “all-in”. As in, the extent to which AWS’ customers are nailing its colours to their masts and choosing […]

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Two quick reasons why Microsoft acquired Datazen

This week Microsoft announced the acquisition of Datazen, a mobile business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool provider that pushes data to devices including those running on Windows, iOS and Android devices. For those not familiar with the company, Datazen is a small Toronto based software company that started out in 2002 developing user interface and data visualization technology. […]

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