More heavy-lifting for hire, as AWS urges its customers to rise up [the chain] and be valued

I was at Amazon Web Service’s Summit in London last week, and the phrase of the day (indeed, pretty much AWS’ phrase of the moment – as the Summit tour wound its way across the globe) is “all-in”. As in, the extent to which AWS’ customers are nailing its colours to their masts and choosing […]

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Two quick reasons why Microsoft acquired Datazen

This week Microsoft announced the acquisition of Datazen, a mobile business intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool provider that pushes data to devices including those running on Windows, iOS and Android devices. For those not familiar with the company, Datazen is a small Toronto based software company that started out in 2002 developing user interface and data visualization technology. […]

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Taming the long tail of business processes

The technology options that organisations have at their disposal to help them co-ordinate work and share knowledge have never been so numerous, or so accessible. A growing cluster of cloud-based workflow and task management tools that allow teams to streamline the way that tasks are allocated, conducted and tracked have the kinds of price points […]

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Self-governing teams: how TransferWise organises for success

Last week Computing staged a Big Data Analytics Summit here in London. One of the main themes of the day centred on examining what it takes to become a data-driven enterprise. One presentation that certainly hit the mark with the audience came from Nilan Peiris at TransferWise; a start-up using peer-to-peer matching to reduce the cost of international […]

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Goodbye to the knowledge worker?

It’s now almost five decades since Peter Drucker discussed the concept of the knowledge worker in his 1966 book The Effective Executive, as he emphasised the growing importance of the “team”, and encouraged recognition of the value of employees. The term was created as an antonym of the “manual worker”, as a way to describe those people within […]

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Schrodinger’s BPM

That’s the title of a presentation I’m giving on Monday at bpmNEXT 2015. I’m looking forward to it! Those who read my writing or talk to me much will know that the question “is BPM dead or alive?” has been one I’ve been considering a lot over the past couple of years. I’ve been trying […]

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Making Social Collaboration Work with the IoIC

Over on the Making Social Collaboration Work event website, we recently announced that the Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC) is now working with us to help promote and shape the event. We’re really excited about this, because from our own research we know that Internal Communications (IC) professionals have vital roles to play in social […]

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Big Data, small devices, same cloud

Last week’s Cloud Expo Europe was again ‘co-located’ (see what they did there…?) with Data Centre World meaning that, as a trade fair, exhibitors collectively covered everything from fuel polishers, heat exchangers, fire suppression systems, racks, cables, fibre and microwave links for datacentre aficionados; through all the “as-a-Service” merchants (from IaaS and PaaS up to Communications […]

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Cometh the data, cometh the opportunity – the inexorable rise of data-driven analytics in healthcare insurance

Like all industries, the business of insurance is evolving to capitalise on the affordances of a data economy – and healthcare insurance is no different. Companies riding the transformational waves (of social media, mobile devices, analytics, and cloud computing) to become a digital enterprise are innovating with how they use data to reinvent their core […]

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LV’s secret to analytics success: the marketing and analytics team double act

At the end of last month I had the pleasure of participating in the Customer Analytics for Retail Financial Services conference in London. It was a well attended event with representatives from the insurance and banking sector including Knab, Swiss Re, and Liverpool Victoria (LV) and touched on a vast array of topics including qualitative versus quantitative […]

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