Salesforce catches a Wave and rolls out Salesforce Cloud Analytics

This week Salesforce used its flagship user conference Dreamforce to announce the release of its first Cloud Analytics offering: Wave. This is a significant announcement for the CRM giant since the company has faced increasing criticism for its lack of analytic capabilities at a time when many of its competitors -namely Oracle and SAP – are […]

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Why? Why? Why? The social collaboration mantra

There are many reasons why a social collaboration initiative might fail, but by far the most common is that not enough thought has gone into why. Why should we invest in collaboration? Why should I allow – never mind encourage – my team to turn their attention away from doing what I need them to […]

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Listen and learn from real-world Digital leaders

I’m pleased to announce the start of a brand new series of webinars from MWD’s founder and Research Director, Neil Ward-Dutton. In these new interviews Neil talks candidly with those leading the charge in the Digital enterprise world about how their organisations are responding to rapid business change and disruption with the effective use of Digital technologies. Each one will […]

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SMiLE, it’s collaboration!

Last week I attended the SMiLE London event, hosted by Simply Communicate. SMiLE stands for Social Media in the Large Enterprise, and it’s an event targeted at internal comms professionals who want to take advantage of social technologies. Though the event ran last year too, this was my first visit, and I was particularly impressed […]

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Building a business case for social collaboration

Back in August we published a new report, Building a business case for social collaboration, written by Angela Ashenden. As a bit of an experiment we decided to offer this report for free download until the middle of September, just to see how much interest there was in the topic. As it turns out, there […]

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Watson Analytics: getting creative with the data preparation and analysis process

Last week at IBM’s Business Analytics Live event the company gave an introduction to Watson Analytics, its cloud-based natural language analytics service that enables business users to ask relevant business questions of data in a Google-like fashion before using visualisations to explore and discover interesting relationships and patterns in their data. It represents one part […]

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Clarizen webinar poll: a snapshot into changing project management expectations

I recently took part in a Clarizen-hosted webinar focused on measuring success and demonstrating the ROI of social and collaborative work management, alongside Robert Forde from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in the UK. As part of the webinar, Clarizen carried out a series of polls with the audience, designed to gauge their interest in the […]

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Digital, customers, data: the strategy connection that you must understand

When I wrote my A Digital Strategy is a data strategy post earlier this year, it generated a fair amount of discussion, and one outcome was a post from Pegasystems’ CMO, Robert Tas: A Digital Strategy = A Customer Strategy. Robert makes some great points in a measured post. But I do worry that the […]

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Bullet-proof SQL – Hadoop’s real battleground

Ever since Hadoop’s second generation release in late 2013 brought it closer to enterprise capability acceptance, the blogosphere has been ringing with the sound of commentators proclaiming what was still lacking, and what hurdles that yellow elephant needed to jump in order to truly burst into the mainstream. Yes, Hadoop 2 brought the YARN resource […]

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Who should lead a social collaboration initiative?

I blogged recently about how I thought HR should play a more central role in social collaboration initiatives (and it prompted some interesting discussions/debates!), so I thought this time I’d focus on who is currently driving this trend within organisations. It’s a question I’m asked a lot - who should lead a social collaboration initiative? - and it’s one of those […]

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