Teradata looks to build bridges and cross the Big Data divide

At its European Universe conference last week, data warehousing giant Teradata unveiled a number of enhancements to its core data management offerings. Alongside announcements about the Teradata 15 database and a new version of its data warehousing appliance 6750 system, one announcement stood out for me: the launch of QueryGrid, a tool designed to orchestrate […]

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Box’s enterprise customers step forward to be counted

Box brought its World Tour to London earlier this month. We were, in part, treated to a re-run of some of the things I wasn’t able to tell you about (due to the NDAs in force) at Box’s Analyst Summit in February (happily much of that can now be shared in the forthcoming MWD On […]

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Egnyte the blue touchpaper…

…and retire to a safe distance? It’s getting kinda crowded in the enterprise-friendly content sharing / collaboration space right now. Seems you can’t move for announcements, what with Box’s new features and impending IPO, an outbreak of Project Harmony from Dropbox for Business, Microsoft’s trip to the deed poll with OneDrive (née SkyDrive), Intralinks’ market […]

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Interact Intranet – building social intranet platforms for mid-sized organisations

To add to our bulging library of recently published collaboration research, in a new report out this week Angela Ashenden profiles Interact Intranet. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, with further offices in Dallas, USA, and Sydney, Australia, Interact Intranet provides a social intranet platform built for mid-sized organisations. What’s interesting about Interact Intranet? Angela writes: “In […]

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New reports from our Collaboration research program

In the last couple of weeks we’ve published a number of new Vendor Insight reports from our Collaboration research program, including: On the Radar: Mindjet – Best-known for its mind-mapping application MindManager, Mindjet recently announced a major shift in its long-term strategy with the acquisition of innovation management vendor Spigit. Social Collaboration: Zimbra – Zimbra […]

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New report: On the Radar: Localytics

Earlier today we published a new On the Radar report about Localytics, a cloud-based marketing and analytics platform for both mobile and web apps. According to the report’s author, Helena Schwenk, Localytics’ early entrance into the mobile analytics market and the subsequent traction it has gained now means the company is well placed to take […]

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Are you responsible for knowing what makes your customers tick? Then please take this survey.

Tapping into Customer Analytics holds huge potential for businesses of all shapes and sizes by helping uncover hidden insights and useful nuggets of information about your most prized assets – your customers. By creating a richer understanding of customer behaviour, motivations and preferences organisations can utilise analytics to initiate more targeted campaigns, improve response and […]

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New report: Big Data: What is it and why should I care?

Many organisations are still sitting on potential goldmines of hard-to-access data that’s long been too costly to surface by traditional means. In addition, they’re more than likely facing a deluge of new data every day from a multitude of internal and external sources – or missing out on it all together. Any of this data […]

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New report: Kofax continues to deepen focus on the First Mile of Customer Interaction

A new briefing note published today via MWD’s Process research program provides a round-up of Kofax’s recent acquisitions and its subsequent repositioning from a provider of document capture technology, to a vendor able to solve more strategic business challenges. The briefing note is free to download – all you need is a free account. Log […]

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How important is mobile collaboration support? New survey!

Does your business have a strategy for mobile collaboration? Or maybe you’re about to create one? Are you looking to select a new suite of collaboration tools to support mobile working… or maybe you’re in the midst of a roll-out and have something to say about the tools you already use? If any of these scenarios applies to you, […]

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