Is there room for architects and architecture in BPM?

Thursday, April 9, 2009 by

With much of the early development in the Business Process Management (BPM) market being driven by technology vendors selling products for one-off departmental projects to line-of-business heads, and with IT stakeholders often being brought in only after the deal is done, lately we’ve been wondering – now that there’s no doubt that BPM is becoming more mainstream – what’s the role of IT architects, and IT architecture, in today’s BPM initiatives? There’s a lot of talk in the BPM technology vendor community about enabling customers to “scale up” their BPM initiatives – and it seems to us that IT architect involvement is likely to be a key factor in shaping how that happens in practice.

Behind the scenes we’ve recently built a great relationship with the not-for-profit International Association of Software Architects (IASA), and so we asked them if they’d help us explore this question. We’ve worked together to carry out a web-based survey – and although all IASA members have now been invited to take part, I wanted to make sure that you had a chance to take a look and offer your thoughts, too. If you’re in an IT architecture role, or know someone who is, we’d be delighted to have your involvement: you can find the online survey here.

Once the survey is complete, we’ll create an in-depth report drilling into the survey findings and correlating them with findings from our other BPM research work. Everyone taking part in this survey will be eligible to receive a free copy of the report. We’ll also create an IASA-only webinar, based on the survey results and adding other best-practice insights. All IASA members will be able to access this webinar free of charge.

So – if you’re an IT architect or know someone who is – we’d love to hear from you! And if you’re interested in the IASA webinar we’re creating – it’s easy to become an IASA member

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