TIBCO nears the $1bn mark – so what’s next?

Neil Ward-Dutton

Friday, January 6, 2012 by

Just before Christmas, TIBCO released its fourth-quarter and full-year financial results for 2011 (the intervening holiday is why I haven’t blogged about it until now).

While companies like Oracle struggle to deliver performance, TIBCO continues to march relentlessly on. And although it’s perhaps tempting (certainly in comparison to behemoths like Oracle) to paint TIBCO as a small player, its full-year revenue for 2011 was only a step away from the $1bn mark (at $920.2m). That’s 22% growth over 2010’s headline number: an impressive performance.

I mentioned back in early October that TIBCO has begun to extend its business way beyond that of its core enterprise middleware heritage, into new segments that are more line-of-business focused and which enable it to sell much more widely than its financial-services historical heartland. This seems to be continuing apace: a glance at the list of big customer wins sees a much more balanced list with significant contributions from telecoms, government, energy, manufacturing, life sciences and transport/logistics.

TIBCO’s tibbr enterprise social software platform was also called out explicitly in discussion of the results: it seems that this product – built in TIBCO’s labs rather than being acquired – is turning out to be one of the key levers that the company can use to get it into new conversations and relationships. TIBCO’s Spotfire analytics and visualisation technology is also responsible for a big chunk of the growth – as well as helping the company get into more and more deals outside of its historical industry base.

When it comes to BPM technology, ActiveMatrix BPM continues to grow but overall license sales here are a small contributor to TIBCO’s numbers. That’s also currently the case for Nimbus Partners’ business (acquired in August 2011). However BPM technology is actually core to many of TIBCO’s propositions – so over the coming year we’ll be looking for signs that this part of TIBCO’s portfolio is pulling its weight.

It’ll be really interesting to see where the company takes its business in 2012 as moves beyond the magic $1bn to the next step up in size. More acquisitions are on the horizon, I expect – both in core technology and also in industry-specific application and process areas. What do you think?

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  1. Full disclosure…I work for Nimbus, now part of TIBCO. I get to see what you are saying from the inside and I have to agree with you. I’ve worked at big companies and small and have been in the business rules/BPM space since leaving Accenture in 2003. TIBCO is benefitting from the intersection of fast-moving business change, Big Data (and a powerful need for filtering), real-time analytics, social explosion, and mobile expansion. It is a great time to be in software but only if your company is positioned to capitalize on this moment. Good write up.

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