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Monday, April 30, 2012 by

In a new report, MWD’s Research Director Neil Ward-Dutton writes about UK-based BPM vendor PNMsoft.

Here’s the report synopsis: Many BPM technology vendors are locked in a race to deliver the largest set of sophisticated features across the BPM activity cycle and to demonstrate scalability at the highest levels to support the broadest BPM programs with end-to-end infrastructure. However, as the market for BPM technology matures and becomes better understood by broad swathes of industry, a significant mainstream opportunity for BPM technology has developed that delivers a solid set of core capabilities at an attractive price point, packaged to solve particular line-of-business challenges. UK-based PNMSoft is taking this tack for its BPM technology business, combining strong Microsoft platform credentials with a business value-based approach to customer engagement and pricing.

This report is available to paying advisory service subscribers, or can be purchased separately (see the report’s library page for more information).

To read the report’s key messages and see a full table of contents, you can find the report here in our library.

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