The secret ingredient for successful enterprise collaboration – want to know what it is?

Angela Ashenden

Thursday, July 26, 2012 by

Over the last five years, my role here at MWD has given me the opportunity to speak with many different organisations, to understand what they’re struggling with when it comes to enterprise collaboration, and to build up a picture of what works, what doesn’t, and what is that special secret ingredient that leads to building a successful collaborative enterprise. Of course, it won’t surprise you to hear that there is definitely more than one secret ingredient, but there are certainly some important characteristics and behaviours that mark out those collaboration initiatives that are successful, and those that are frustratingly (and often expensively) less so.

And so, to help you benchmark your own organisation’s chances of success, we have developed an online Collaboration Capability Benchmarking tool which helps you see where you are on the right lines, and where you need to focus a little more deeply as you embark on your own collaboration initiative (whether you’ve started already or not). It’s totally free to use the tool. All you’ll need is a free MWD account. It only takes a minute to register and there’s no need to sign up for anything unless you’d like us to tell you when there’s more benchmark data that matches your business demographic. And don’t worry, we keep your data totally anonymous and we never pass on your details to third parties.

If you’ve already tried our existing BPM Capability Benchmark and Planning tool you’ll be familiar with how the new Collaboration Capability Benchmarking tool works, but if not then here’s a quick run-down:

  1. Go to the online Collaboration Capability Benchmarking tool.
  2. Complete the online self-assessment survey. It’s split into five dimensions: organisation, strategy, technology, governance and adoption readiness.
  3. Save your work at any time and come back to it whenever you like to add more responses or make changes (the assessment is pretty thorough, so you might want to consult with colleagues/get more information/have a think about it and then return to complete it when you’re ready.)
  4. At the end of the assessment, select to calculate your competence levels – and get your high level results immediately. Your results are saved so you can return to the tool at any time; this makes it easy to re-run the calculation as you make progress and as more benchmark data is added.

Come September, we’ll also be adding the ability for you to generate your own personalised Collaboration Action Plan report which will provide you with more detailed benchmarking information (providing a breakdown for your geography, industry and company size) and highlight ‘next steps’ you should think about taking to improve your capability.

Of course, the more data the benchmark database holds, the richer your feedback in terms of your own benchmark score – this is a collective effort. So we encourage you to check out the tool at your earliest convenience and see how your organisation fares.Quite a few people have used it already. Don’t worry, none of your data is shared and your scores are available only to you.

We hope you’ll get some interesting and useful results. Let us know what you think via!

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