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Helena Schwenk

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 by

Earlier this year Teradata rather quietly rebranded its Aprimo product line under the umbrella name Teradata Apps, in doing so associating the company’s industrial strength brand – a brand predominantly known for enterprise data warehousing – to its Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) suite of products. I got to hear about this branding change at the company’s recent Teradata Universe event held in Copenhagen earlier this month and used the opportunity to understand more about what it means for Teradata as a company as well as for existing Aprimo and Teradata customers.

I’ve written up my thoughts in a new In Brief report which is free to download from our online library. In it I put forward the view that while the move to regroup its IMM portfolio under Teradata Apps is an important one especially from an organisational and product marketing perspective we believe the company still needs to be clearer about its longer term product strategy. And in particular by outlining its plans in the campaign management space, for example will the company adopt a database agnostic strategy or become more integrated with the Teradata database and similarly will it  continue to maintain two campaign management tools in the longer term?  As a relatively cautious and measured company Teradata is taking its time to articulate and communicate its future plans but we’re sure when it’s ready it will outline these in full.

Interestingly all this activity comes at a busy time in the IMM space, with competitors such as Oracle and IBM actively acquiring and integrating product suites that similarly target the marketing department with analytically infused marketing applications for marketing automation. Differentiating its data driven marketing approach and convincing the CMO to spend their marketing dollars with Teradata has no doubt just got a lot more interesting for the company. Anyway to find out more,  have a read and let me know what you think in the comments.

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