nooQ: a new way to visualise communication and collaboration content

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, start-up vendor nooQ recently launched a SaaS-based “visual communication platform”, which takes an alternative approach to helping individuals organise, navigate, digest and manage activity streams, news feeds or discussion forum data. At the heart of nooQ’s strategy and technology offering is an information visualisation application that is designed to help individuals […]

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Nukissiorfiit builds its case for ECM with Alfresco

Nukissiorfiit is the national incumbent energy company in Greenland. Starting out in 1949 as the first public power utility in its four largest towns, the company is now the only one that covers the whole country. With Greenland’s 60,000 inhabitants spread across an area six times the size of Germany, Nukissiorfiit’s content and rights are […]

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Intralinks consolidates its secure content collaboration platform

Headquartered in New York City, Intralinks – which offers a range of general-purpose and industry-specific applications for secure content management, collaboration, and workflow based upon a common cloud-based platform – employs 810 people across 20 locations worldwide. It now has over 3.1m paid users across more than 90,000 organisations; Intralinks products are used by 99% […]

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Jive makes headway towards profitability with Q3 results

Earlier this week, social collaboration vendor Jive Software announced its Q3 2015 results, highlighting revenues that were up around 7% over 2014 at a smidge under $50m, combined with year-to-date figures of $145.6m, up 11% on the same period last year. For the full year 2015, the company is projecting total revenues in the range$195.1-$196.1m, […]

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The Oracle Co-ordination Cloud

At Oracle OpenWorld this week, nobody can escape one simple thing: Oracle has taken its commitment to cloud platforms and services to a whole new level. This is a drum that’s being beaten loud and repetitively in every keynote session. At MWD Advisors our interest is principally in the ‘digital evolution of work’, and so […]

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Getting Notes down on Paper with Box and Dropbox

So you’ve got a cloud-based file storage / collaboration business? Well then, what you need to offer alongside is a real-time collaborative document editing tool based on open source Etherpad technology. Or so both Box and Dropbox are betting. Just be careful not to over-promise if people start asking if it’s designed to compete with more […]

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Making Social Collaboration Work – event wrap-up

Last Thursday, we were delighted to host our very first event – Making Social Collaboration Work, which took place at the fabulous WallaceSpace Clerkenwell. The day was designed to be a masterclass for people tasked with achieving successful implementations of social collaboration tools and technologies within their organisations, and revolved around a set of case […]

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Where now for the ECM in EMC, after Dell’s $67 billion takeover?

$67 billion is a lot of money in anyone’s book. Yes, it can buy you (at current prices) all the bitcoins that will ever be made. Twelve times over. But it’s also what Dell is set to pay for EMC next year, creating the world’s largest privately-controlled integrated technology company in what’s slated to be […]

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Macmillan Science and Education: overcoming fragmentation, enabling knowledge-sharing and co-operation

The creation of Macmillan Science and Education in 2012 brought together a range of different businesses and teams in the publishing, science, social science, education and technology spaces. The new company needed a way to communicate effectively, to connect employees, to minimise unnecessary duplication of effort, to share best practices and to unify under a […]

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Success breeds success with social collaboration

For any social collaboration initiative, one of the biggest challenges is making the leap from the early adopter stage to broad, cross-organisation use of the platform. Whether you’ve built your initiative on a foundation of viral, grass roots adoption of a free tool, or whether you’ve sensibly started small and focused, with a carefully identified […]

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