Box’s enterprise customers step forward to be counted

Box brought its World Tour to London earlier this month. We were, in part, treated to a re-run of some of the things I wasn’t able to tell you about (due to the NDAs in force) at Box’s Analyst Summit in February (happily much of that can now be shared in the forthcoming MWD On [...]

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Egnyte the blue touchpaper…

…and retire to a safe distance? It’s getting kinda crowded in the enterprise-friendly content sharing / collaboration space right now. Seems you can’t move for announcements, what with Box’s new features and impending IPO, an outbreak of Project Harmony from Dropbox for Business, Microsoft’s trip to the deed poll with OneDrive (née SkyDrive), Intralinks’ market [...]

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How important is mobile collaboration support? New survey!

Does your business have a strategy for mobile collaboration? Or maybe you’re about to create one? Are you looking to select a new suite of collaboration tools to support mobile working… or maybe you’re in the midst of a roll-out and have something to say about the tools you already use? If any of these scenarios applies to you, [...]

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Are we finally seeing the death of “social”?

First, let me apologise for the shamefully sensationalised headline, but I just couldn’t resist. I’m often nagged by my colleagues to make my headlines more attention-grabbing, and while this one may be a little tongue-in-cheek (I am generally pretty dismissive of over-hyped headlines like this), given the nature of the topic it seemed appropriate to [...]

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Spill the beans, Microsoft

This week sees Microsoft kick off its sixth SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. While I am unfortunately not attending the event, I am hoping that it will finally shed some light on Microsoft’s strategy for social collaboration, particularly in the context of the integration between SharePoint and Yammer, and the direction for Office 365. As [...]

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Will the real Box please stand up?

Last week Box brought its analyst tour to London. With the newswires still glowing warm on the company’s ‘secret’ filing for IPO there’s a lot of interest in just what sort of a proposition Box is trying to be, and to whom. This last year has seen the company ramp up its coverage across territories [...]

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Realise the potential – using social analytics to mine for hidden gems inside your own organisation

When you say the phrase “social analytics”, for many people it can conjure up images of endless pages of Twitter messages sorted into columns accompanied by happy, sad or neutral smiley faces, or maybe stories of how badly particular brands have performed in a social media-based confrontation with a customer. It’s a topic of conversation [...]

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Beyond “social” at IBM Connect 2014

In what’s become a welcome annual break from the UK winter for me (though I might complain to IBM for the presence of rain this year), this week I have been hearing about IBM’s product roadmaps, collaboration and business strategy, and latest market positioning at IBM Connect 2014. The theme for this year was “Energizing [...]

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Is there a place for personal groups in a business social platform?

One of the most hotly debated issues around deploying social collaboration technologies inside an organisation is the question of whether to allow the creation of personal groups alongside business-focused groups. For many senior execs, this issue represents their greatest fear from allowing social collaboration into their organisation – that it is effectively encouraging the same [...]

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Intralinks crystalises strategy with VIA 1.5 release

Yesterday, secure collaboration vendor Intralinks announced the launch of version 1.5 of its enterprise content collaboration platform, VIA. Nine months after the product first launched, this release sees Intralinks’s strategy and positioning for VIA begin to crystalise and gain conviction – something that is vitally important in this intensely competitive and confusing area of the [...]

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