What’s in it for me? Articulating the benefits of social collaboration

When you’re putting together your business case for social collaboration, your focus must categorically be on how implementing this type of technology – and the enabling the cultural change that must accompany it – will bring benefits to your particular organisation. This is your top line purpose, it’s necessary to get funding and executive buy-in, […]

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IBM ConnectED 2015 – Lotusphere’s swan song?

A couple of weeks ago IBM hosted its annual collaboration and digital experience-focused user conference in Orlando, Florida. Formerly called Lotusphere and then IBM Connect, this year the event received another makeover, with a cut-down agenda and focus, and another new name – IBM ConnectED 2015. IBM Verse, the company’s new email offering due for general release at […]

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Box enjoys a bullish IPO, but where will all the cash go?

So, enterprise content collaboration vendor Box finally went public last week. The hotly-tipped IPO of early 2014 cooled somewhat mid-year – a combination of turbulent times for tech stocks and a luke-warm reception for Box’s numbers in its original S1 filing. The company gambled on a final round of venture funding over the summer to […]

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Egnyte integrates analytics to optimise file sharing and collaboration

When we covered Egnyte’s enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) offer in an On the radar report back in May 2014, we commented that – in order to make good on its growth ambitions - the company would soon have to settle on how it chose to differentiate itself in a crowded and rapidly commoditising market. All around, […]

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It’s not ALL about collaboration ALL of the time

While we are far from being in a position where collaboration is a foundation of every company culture, we have reach a point where it is generally recognised, accepted even, that better collaboration means better business. Whether it is about making the most of your people’s knowledge and skills, or about creating new, innovative ideas […]

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Save the date: Making Social Collaboration Work, May 14th

It’s a couple of years now since the hype around enterprise social collaboration kicked off in a serious way, but we’ve been researching how organisations get business value from new collaboration technologies for much longer than that. Angela Ashenden, our lead analyst in this space, has built up a fantastic base of case study knowledge across multiple […]

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Collaboration vs. communication – and the importance of purpose

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of participating in a panel webinar focused on The Future of Business Communication, which involved an interesting discussion on the way we use technology to collaborate, as well as the inevitable critique of email. One comment which particularly stuck with me, made by my co-panellist Belinda Gannaway, was […]

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Re:Invent reviewed

I was at Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent 2014 conference in Las Vegas last week. There, the company made a slew of new service announcements – some focusing on application development and deployment (such as AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CodeCommit), some on security, compliance and governance (such as AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, and […]

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Rethinking the email client; IBM raises the bar with IBM Verse

This week, IBM is launching IBM Verse, the software giant’s new email offering. The successor to the long-standing Lotus Notes, IBM Verse is due for general release in H1 2015, and represents much more than just a rebranding exercise. First trailed at IBM Connect in January this year and thus far referred to as IBM […]

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Making connections at J.Boye 2014

There’s definitely a season for conferences – two, in fact, with Spring and Autumn prompting a wealth of vendor, analyst and community events. This Autumn continues to be particularly busy for me, and last week I was over in Aarhus in Denmark, speaking at the 10th annual J.Boye conference. This was my third visit to […]

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