Listen and learn from real-world Digital leaders

I’m pleased to announce the start of a brand new series of webinars from MWD’s founder and Research Director, Neil Ward-Dutton. In these new interviews Neil talks candidly with those leading the charge in the Digital enterprise world about how their organisations are responding to rapid business change and disruption with the effective use of Digital technologies. Each one will [...]

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Digital, customers, data: the strategy connection that you must understand

When I wrote my A Digital Strategy is a data strategy post earlier this year, it generated a fair amount of discussion, and one outcome was a post from Pegasystems’ CMO, Robert Tas: A Digital Strategy = A Customer Strategy. Robert makes some great points in a measured post. But I do worry that the [...]

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Are CIOs driving Digital strategies, or running to catch up?

More and more businesses are starting to devise formal digital strategies – strategies surrounding the comprehensive embrace of mobile, social, cloud computing and analytics technologies. These are fuelled by customers’ increasingly sophisticated expectations and interest in the potential of new Digital technology innovations to improve the bottom line. Digital strategies aren’t just for media companies [...]

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Big Data gets wire data as ExtraHop shares its special source

This week ExtraHop Networks announced that its wire data analytics platform now supports the streaming of data to MongoDB (amongst other places). The product already provided Open Data Streams (ODS) for Splunk and VMware Log Insight (and this week’s announcement also includes ODS for Elasticsearch) but where the MongoDB announcement is interesting is that it paves [...]

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It’s always hard to tell someone their baby is ugly…

We get a lot of questions from our community here about the Chief Digital Officer role and its potential relevance/value, and also about how companies craft Digital strategies. To respond to that, we’ve started to reach out to those in our community playing Chief Digital Officer roles, and our hope is to share their experiences [...]

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A Digital Strategy is a data strategy

Since we published our Digital Enterprise Shift report a few months ago I’ve been involved in quite a few conversations about “Digital strategy”. What is a Digital strategy? Is it a “one size fits all” thing? What does it mean to an organisation and its business? There are lots of things to say about Digital [...]

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Composable Business, SOA and the challenge of abundance

Back when I started MWD Advisors nearly 10 years ago, the main technology trend we focused on exploring was SOA. In 2005 it seemed everyone was talking about SOA, and a vision of how this would enable companies to break free from the shackles of legacy technology investments and become radically more agile. We spent a [...]

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An age of digital disruption to business – are you surfing or drowning?

In conversation with a US-based CIO recently, the CIO summarised his opportunities and challenges to me with one short phrase: “Software is eating the world, but I’m not sure I’m in front of its mouth or behind it.” The fact that his teams were seen in various business functions as having strong operational experience ‘wrestling [...]

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Is your business ready for the Digital Enterprise shift?

Earlier this year we published a report about what we call the Digital Enterprise shift. It’s a topic that clearly resonates as in just a couple of months it’s been one of our most popular report downloads to date. If you haven’t got it already, you can download it free here. It’s a compelling topic [...]

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Design: IBM’s secret weapon in the coming SMACdown?

I’ve talked before about how Phil Gilbert – the former President and CTO of Lombardi Software who joined IBM when it bought his company – now has a role to develop a cross-company design practice in IBM. IBM Design is centred around a lab in Austin TX but with plans to spread wider. It’s the [...]

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