Making Social Collaboration Work with the IoIC

Over on the Making Social Collaboration Work event website, we recently announced that the Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC) is now working with us to help promote and shape the event (reminder: central London, May 14th). We’re really excited about this, because from our own research we know that Internal Communications (IC) professionals have vital […]

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Don’t think digital transformation needs to be on your agenda? Think again

Received wisdom is often a dangerous thing. For years, it was received wisdom that new enterprise technology shifts would be first undertaken by financial institutions, telecoms companies and the technology sector itself. When it comes to the embrace of the current wave of digital technologies, we’re seeing something completely different. Retailers, publishers, travel and transportation […]

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What’s coming in 2015?

Cloud platforms as innovation platforms. The blurring of organisational and capability boundaries. The importance of mobile devices as part of the changing digital workplace. The instrumentation of everything. The rise of analytics-driven environments and experiences. These are the five cross-topic trends we’ve highlighted across our research program for 2015, following a collaborative effort between me […]

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The Business of IoT

First things first: let’s get one thing clear – the Internet of Things (IoT) is not a technology. It’s not even a group of technologies. It’s a prediction about how a particular set of technologies in combination is going to impact society and business. But the IoT prediction has potentially very significant implications, and from my perspective […]

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Re:Invent reviewed

I was at Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent 2014 conference in Las Vegas last week. There, the company made a slew of new service announcements – some focusing on application development and deployment (such as AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CodeCommit), some on security, compliance and governance (such as AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, and […]

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How do you build a digital strategy? How do you make it work on the ground?

My colleague Steve has already highlighted the release of the first of a new series of interviews I’m doing: with Chief Digital Officers, and with CIOs who have taken responsibility for setting and implementing digital strategies within their organisations. I started seeking out these ‘digital leaders’ and asking to interview them because I kept coming up […]

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Listen and learn from real-world Digital leaders

I’m pleased to announce the start of a brand new series of webinars from MWD’s founder and Research Director, Neil Ward-Dutton. In these new interviews Neil talks candidly with those leading the charge in the Digital enterprise world about how their organisations are responding to rapid business change and disruption with the effective use of Digital technologies. Each one will […]

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Digital, customers, data: the strategy connection that you must understand

When I wrote my A Digital Strategy is a data strategy post earlier this year, it generated a fair amount of discussion, and one outcome was a post from Pegasystems’ CMO, Robert Tas: A Digital Strategy = A Customer Strategy. Robert makes some great points in a measured post. But I do worry that the […]

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Are CIOs driving Digital strategies, or running to catch up?

More and more businesses are starting to devise formal digital strategies – strategies surrounding the comprehensive embrace of mobile, social, cloud computing and analytics technologies. These are fuelled by customers’ increasingly sophisticated expectations and interest in the potential of new Digital technology innovations to improve the bottom line. Digital strategies aren’t just for media companies […]

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Big Data gets wire data as ExtraHop shares its special source

This week ExtraHop Networks announced that its wire data analytics platform now supports the streaming of data to MongoDB (amongst other places). The product already provided Open Data Streams (ODS) for Splunk and VMware Log Insight (and this week’s announcement also includes ODS for Elasticsearch) but where the MongoDB announcement is interesting is that it paves […]

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