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Metadata rules content management with M-Files

Finnish-born M-Files Corporation†provides a metadata-powered enterprise information management solution which can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid arrangement.†M-Files’ Enterprise Information Management platform is designed to manage both structured data (e.g. ERP and CRM data) and unstructured content (e.g. documents, images, media) throughout any content-based workflow. Here’s the important thing: rather than […]

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How Transport for London enables its open data strategy

Transport for London (TfL) is a statutory body, created under a UK Act of Parliament, to implement the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy and manage London’s integrated transport network (including surface and underground rail, buses and trams, cycling, river services, and taxis). Its main digital asset is the tfl.gov.uk website, which serves between 600,000 and […]

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Five things smart CIOs know about digital transformation

Last week I was lucky enough to participate in a CIO roundtable discussion led by Myron Hrycyk, former Group CIO at Severn Trent Water. [Check out an in-depth Digital Leader interview I did with Myron earlier this year.] The purpose of discussion was to explore the question of change at pace, and its role in […]

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In content management, what’s the difference between a hybrid cloud and a hybrid cloud?

Well… our recent research has shown that although “hybrid” has been catapulted into the centre of vendors’ marketing word-clouds in large friendly letters, when we scratch the surface we find the term’s being stretched to cover a number of different capabilities. What’s driving this race to capture the middle ground? Enterprise customers beyond the born-in-the-cloud […]

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Are we post-digital yet?

We talk a lot about the digital evolution of knowledge work here at MWD Advisors Ė how a confluence of new expectations of ubiquitous access (mobile, open, BYOD, etc.) and new ways of participating (social connections, sharing, etc.) are bearing down on organisations of all types, transforming the ways in which work gets done and […]

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From channel-shift to design-shift

Anyone who’s played a management role in a customer service function is aware of stats that show the differing costs associated with serving customer requests or delivering services across different channels (online, by phone, in person, etc). Here in the UK we know from the UK Government’s Digital Service (GDS) that booking a driving test […]

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Back to the future

It’s 10 years since we started MWD Advisors… a time before the launch of the iPhone, Twitter and Amazon Web Services, and when Facebook was still a hobby site. Many of the big issues playing out are still the same, though, only more so. As I was searching for some material for a project yesterday, […]

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Spark grows up and scales out

To understand the furore thatís greeted recent vendor announcements around open source analytics compute engine Spark, and some commentary seemingly setting up a Spark versus Hadoop battle, itís worth taking a moment to recap on what each actually is (and is not). As I covered in last yearís MWD report on Hadoop and its family […]

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At Eurostar, IT’s all about the customer

Eurostar, founded in 1994, is the high-speed train company that links the UK with France and Belgium through the Channel Tunnel. It carries over 10m passengers a year. Eurostar’s mission is to create Europe’s most loved travel experience, and as I found out in a recent interview with CIO Antoine de Kerviler, the company’s IS […]

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Making Social Collaboration Work with the IoIC

Over on the Making Social Collaboration Work event website, we recently announced that the Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC) is now working with us to help promote and shape the event. We’re really excited about this, because from our own research we know that Internal Communications (IC) professionals have vital roles to play in social […]

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