A Digital Strategy is a data strategy

Since we published our Digital Enterprise Shift report a few months ago I’ve been involved in quite a few conversations about “Digital strategy”. What is a Digital strategy? Is it a “one size fits all” thing? What does it mean to an organisation and its business? There are lots of things to say about Digital [...]

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Composable Business, SOA and the challenge of abundance

Back when I started MWD Advisors nearly 10 years ago, the main technology trend we focused on exploring was SOA. In 2005 it seemed everyone was talking about SOA, and a vision of how this would enable companies to break free from the shackles of legacy technology investments and become radically more agile. We spent a [...]

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An age of digital disruption to business – are you surfing or drowning?

In conversation with a US-based CIO recently, the CIO summarised his opportunities and challenges to me with one short phrase: “Software is eating the world, but I’m not sure I’m in front of its mouth or behind it.” The fact that his teams were seen in various business functions as having strong operational experience ‘wrestling [...]

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Is your business ready for the Digital Enterprise shift?

Earlier this year we published a report about what we call the Digital Enterprise shift. It’s a topic that clearly resonates as in just a couple of months it’s been one of our most popular report downloads to date. If you haven’t got it already, you can download it free here. It’s a compelling topic [...]

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Design: IBM’s secret weapon in the coming SMACdown?

I’ve talked before about how Phil Gilbert – the former President and CTO of Lombardi Software who joined IBM when it bought his company – now has a role to develop a cross-company design practice in IBM. IBM Design is centred around a lab in Austin TX but with plans to spread wider. It’s the [...]

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We’re on the lookout for a bright-spark Marketing Executive

I just posted this job spec on LinkedIn: if you might be interested, or know someone else who might be, please pass it on! We’re looking for an ambitious, energetic Marketing Executive. This is a new role with the responsibility for managing all day-to-day aspects of the company’s marketing activities – from designing campaigns to [...]

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More on how mobile and data reinvent – Audi’s eKurzinfo app

For anyone whose interest was piqued by my previous post on how we have to think about mobile technologies and mobility about being more than just delivering UIs for enterprise systems to smaller screens – see this piece on The Verge. Audi has introduced another augmented reality (AR) iOS app, this time aimed at helping owners [...]

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CEOs: We need to talk about technology

There was a great piece in HBR yesterday from Robert Plant (no, not that Robert Plant): IT Doesn’t Matter (to CEOs). [Free login required]. The main message: CEOs don’t get IT, and “corporations’ technology strategies will remain ineffective until leaders acknowledge that, now as always, IT does matter.” My discovering this piece coincided with another [...]

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In praise of the silo

Every organisational feature – including silos – is an outcome of some kind of optimisation. By talking about trying to destroy silos, we’re denying the sometimes very rational reasons behind their creation. I’ve been travelling to conferences throughout North America and Europe a fair bit over the past quarter, and I’ve seen a lot of [...]

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Social collaboration software: helping make the world smaller

Using technology to support collaboration in business is far from a new idea – the reason email is so well-entrenched, for example, is that we’ve been using it for decades. However, historically, business collaboration generally meant a small team working together, typically in a single location. And so collaboration tools focused on simply providing a [...]

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