How is your business tackling the Big Data challenge?

Today’s business landscape is being deluged by data. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have an unprecedented opportunity to harness it to address a wide variety of marketing challenges. For example, it can be used for anything from crafting and targeting effective promotions and understanding your customer base at a micro level, to proactively stopping churn, to providing right [...]

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Birst steps up European efforts with AWS partnership

Birst, the cloud BI vendor, has today announced an extension of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership that will see the company offer an Ireland-based data centre on which to run its cloud platform for European customers and prospects. Growing its European presence has been an ongoing priority for the US-headquartered company, but it stepped [...]

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Teradata acquires more Big Data tech, but what will it do with what it already has?

My colleague Helena Schwenk and I have been tracking movement in the fast-changing Big Data management market. As we’ve said in our recent vendor landscape report and webinar, big name vendors have tended to acquire, partner, and tweak their way into constructing a badged Big Data offering so they can say to their customers “look, we [...]

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Overwhelmed by the volume of Big Data information out there? Step this way…

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Wading through all the information that’s out there about Big Data is probably as overwhelming as trying to make sense of all the data in your own business coming at you from numerous disparate sources – what’s the quality like, is it up to date, is it relevant to me, how [...]

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Microstrategy World 2014: new product packaging, courting LOB users and raising its profile

This week in Barcelona Microstrategy held its European user convention where around 1,200 delegates congregated to hear the company, partners and customers showcase the latest from the BI vendor. Whilst there was a lot to take in at the event it was the company’s announcement about a new packaging scheme designed to simplify pricing for [...]

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The Big Big Data vendor landscape

According to a report produced by CB Insights and IPO advisors Orrick, between 2008-12 VC firms pumped around $5bn of venture capital into Big Data technology vendors. The first half of 2013 alone saw a further $1.3bn of venture funding into the market. We all know that Big Data is Hot, and these are just two more data points [...]

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IBM analytics’ portfolio looks to the cloud

At its recent Big Data Analytics conference (held in both London and New York) IBM outlined the role of cloud computing as a deployment model for delivering analytics capabilities to its customers. Whilst IBM has never shied away from the cloud model, this year we noticed a very definite shift from the company. Now it’s [...]

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Adobe predicts a cloudy analytics future

During its recent EMEA Digital Marketing Summit in London, Adobe outlined several new features to its Marketing Cloud platform that centre around predictive and advanced analytics. This, we believe, marks a more serious and committed focus from Adobe as it seeks to emphasise the role that data and analytics play in helping engage and connect [...]

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Pegasystems eyes social media analytics with MeshLabs buy

Pegasystems, the BPM platform vendor, has recently acquired MeshLabs, a social analytics and natural language processing vendor based out in Bangalore, India, for an undisclosed amount. A very quick glance at the acquisition would suggest a big part of the draw for Pegasystems is that it gets its hands on a pretty nifty advanced text [...]

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Searching for Big Insights at Big Data Week

I was at Big Data Week’s London Conference to hear about how bigger and faster data can make our cities smarter, our selves more quantified, and our ‘things’ more interconnected. In fact, the subject of all those billions of instrumented ‘things’, and the deluge of sensor data they threaten to drown us all in, pretty [...]

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