OpenText snaps up Actuate to plug analytics gap

Last week OpenText announced its intention to acquire Actuate, the open source embedded analytics company for around $330 million. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2015. News of an acquisition wasn’t a total surprise for many industry watchers. It was obvious that Actuate has been struggling for a while; in […]

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Increase your predictive analytics’ impact : quantify the expected benefits

Our research suggests that whilst many organisations understand the value and power of predictive analytics and its potential impact on business efficiencies, competitive advantage and revenue generation, a high proportion didn’t articulate these ideas and notions within a business case. When asked why, many alluded to the fact that whilst they recognised its purpose, building a […]

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Re:Invent reviewed

I was at Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent 2014 conference in Las Vegas last week. There, the company made a slew of new service announcements – some focusing on application development and deployment (such as AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CodeCommit), some on security, compliance and governance (such as AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, and […]

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It’s big and it’s clever – how savvy marketers hit the target with Big Data and Analytics

Last week my colleague Craig Wentworth and I spoke at the inaugural #CMOEvent near Silverstone in the UK. It was an enjoyable and interactive day with marketing attendees from several industries and the not- for-profit sector. Our talk centred on the impact of Big Data Analytics, in particular the trends influencing and driving how organisations […]

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Salesforce catches a Wave and rolls out Salesforce Cloud Analytics

This week Salesforce used its flagship user conference Dreamforce to announce the release of its first Cloud Analytics offering: Wave. This is a significant announcement for the CRM giant since the company has faced increasing criticism in recent times for its lack of analytic capabilities. Wave aims to address this gap;  built on the Salesforce1 platform, […]

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Watson Analytics: getting creative with the data preparation and analysis process

Last week at IBM’s Business Analytics Live event the company gave an introduction to Watson Analytics, its cloud-based natural language analytics service that enables business users to ask relevant business questions of data in a Google-like fashion before using visualisations to explore and discover interesting relationships and patterns in their data. It represents one part […]

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Bullet-proof SQL – Hadoop’s real battleground

Ever since Hadoop’s second generation release in late 2013 brought it closer to enterprise capability acceptance, the blogosphere has been ringing with the sound of commentators proclaiming what was still lacking, and what hurdles that yellow elephant needed to jump in order to truly burst into the mainstream. Yes, Hadoop 2 brought the YARN resource […]

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How is your business tackling the Big Data challenge?

Today’s business landscape is being deluged by data. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have an unprecedented opportunity to harness it to address a wide variety of marketing challenges. For example, it can be used for anything from crafting and targeting effective promotions and understanding your customer base at a micro level, to proactively stopping churn, to providing right […]

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Birst steps up European efforts with AWS partnership

Birst, the cloud BI vendor, has today announced an extension of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership that will see the company offer an Ireland-based data centre on which to run its cloud platform for European customers and prospects. Growing its European presence has been an ongoing priority for the US-headquartered company, but it stepped […]

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Teradata acquires more Big Data tech, but what will it do with what it already has?

My colleague Helena Schwenk and I have been tracking movement in the fast-changing Big Data management market. As we’ve said in our recent vendor landscape report and webinar, big name vendors have tended to acquire, partner, and tweak their way into constructing a badged Big Data offering so they can say to their customers “look, we […]

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