Teradata looks to build bridges and cross the Big Data divide

At its European Universe conference last week, data warehousing giant Teradata unveiled a number of enhancements to its core data management offerings. Alongside announcements about the Teradata 15 database and a new version of its data warehousing appliance 6750 system, one announcement stood out for me: the launch of QueryGrid, a tool designed to orchestrate [...]

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Are you responsible for knowing what makes your customers tick? Then please take this survey.

Tapping into Customer Analytics holds huge potential for businesses of all shapes and sizes by helping uncover hidden insights and useful nuggets of information about your most prized assets – your customers. By creating a richer understanding of customer behaviour, motivations and preferences organisations can utilise analytics to initiate more targeted campaigns, improve response and [...]

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BlueKai provides Oracle Marketing Cloud with a rich source of digital customer data

Last week Oracle acquired Data Management Platform (DMP) vendor BlueKai for an undisclosed amount. The company’s offering provides a centralised repository of customer and audience data in the cloud that can be used to help organisations personalise their marketing communications. Founded in 2007, BlueKai is headquartered in Cupertino, CA, USA, with approximately 300 customers across [...]

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Predictive Analytics: What is it and why should I care?

Most organisations strive to understand how their business is performing, but what if you could go one better and have the power to anticipate and predict events, opportunities or issues that might happen next? In many ways this is what Predictive Analytics sets out to do, using sophisticated statistical methods to analyse current and historical [...]

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Actian: re-defining itself in a Big Data era

Actian (formerly known as Ingres) recently held a roundtable event in London moderated by the company’s CEO and CTO, Steve Shine and Mike Hoskins respectively. The gathering was designed as an open discussion between press, analysts and Actian and as a forum for exchanging ideas and feedback about perspectives on Big Data and the role [...]

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How customer analytics is driving innovation in the retail and restaurant trade

If you’re a industry watcher like me interested in customer analytics then you’re always on the lookout for interesting stories and developments that demonstrate some of the most interesting and leading edge applications of this technology. Whether by accident or design we’ve seen a few this year already and it’s perhaps no surprise to see that [...]

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Oracle Endeca 3.1 – putting unstructured data analysis in the hands of more users

It’s been just over two years since Oracle acquired Endeca for its unstructured data analysis and search capabilities. Since then the company has worked towards integrating and exploiting Endeca’s various technical assets in both the company’s web commerce and Business Intelligence products. As part of this initiative Oracle recently released an update to its self-service [...]

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Top blogs for Analytics, Collaboration and Process in 2013

What a busy year it’s been! As I look back over the year, it’s been interesting to see which have been the most popular posts on our blog year to date. So here we present the five most popular blogs published over the last 12 months for each of our three research programs. Top 5 [...]

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Analytics in 2014

Today we published a report with our Principal Analyst for Analytics Helena Schwenk’s view on what we expect to see over the next 12 months in terms of Analytics adoption and practice, as well as technology and supplier trends. We should begin by saying that against a backdrop of the broader application of analytics technology [...]

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Actuate sets out its stall with new messaging strategy

At its recent customer event held in London, Actuate CEO Pete Cittadini outlined a major overhaul of its market messaging. It’s an effort designed to give more clarity to Actuate’s position and focus and includes, amongst other things, a new positioning statement (the company now refers to personalised analytics and insights), a revamped website aligned [...]

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