Save the date: Making Social Collaboration Work, May 14th

It’s a couple of years now since the hype around enterprise social collaboration kicked off in a serious way, but we’ve been researching how organisations get business value from new collaboration technologies for much longer than that. Angela Ashenden, our lead analyst in this space, has built up a fantastic base of case study knowledge across multiple […]

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The Business of IoT

First things first: let’s get one thing clear – the Internet of Things (IoT) is not a technology. It’s not even a group of technologies. It’s a prediction about how a particular set of technologies in combination is going to impact society and business. But the IoT prediction has potentially very significant implications, and from my perspective […]

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Listen and learn from real-world Digital leaders

I’m pleased to announce the start of a brand new series of webinars from MWD’s founder and Research Director, Neil Ward-Dutton. In these new interviews Neil talks candidly with those leading the charge in the Digital enterprise world about how their organisations are responding to rapid business change and disruption with the effective use of Digital technologies. Each one will […]

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Webinar: Measure Success and Demonstrate ROI of Social and Collaborative Work Management

Organisations are uncovering new efficiencies and changing the way they do business through social and collaborative work initiatives—accelerating innovation and creating new business opportunities, reducing costs, and improving customer relations. Yet it’s not always easy to know how to best plan, implement and measure the success of a social collaboration initiative. On Tuesday 16th September, […]

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New report: On the Radar: Egnyte

This week we published a new On the Radar report about Egnyte, provider of a hybrid cloud/on-premise file sharing platform for businesses that enables files residing either in the cloud (its own, or third party) or in local storage, to be made available, controlled and administered through a central IT management platform. Egnyte’s take on […]

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The state of BPM maturity

In our case study research and consulting, we commonly find four factors that act as indicators of success in BPM initiatives: realisation that BPM is really about people; realisation that BPM is a collaborative endeavour; integrating methods with appropriate technologies; and executive sponsorship. These four factors have helped shape the benchmarking tool that we offer […]

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Interact Intranet – building social intranet platforms for mid-sized organisations

To add to our bulging library of recently published collaboration research, in a new report out this week Angela Ashenden profiles Interact Intranet. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, with further offices in Dallas, USA, and Sydney, Australia, Interact Intranet provides a social intranet platform built for mid-sized organisations. What’s interesting about Interact Intranet? Angela writes: “In […]

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New reports from our Collaboration research program

In the last couple of weeks we’ve published a number of new Vendor Insight reports from our Collaboration research program, including: On the Radar: Mindjet – Best-known for its mind-mapping application MindManager, Mindjet recently announced a major shift in its long-term strategy with the acquisition of innovation management vendor Spigit. Social Collaboration: Zimbra – Zimbra […]

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New report: On the Radar: Localytics

Earlier today we published a new On the Radar report about Localytics, a cloud-based marketing and analytics platform for both mobile and web apps. According to the report’s author, Helena Schwenk, Localytics’ early entrance into the mobile analytics market and the subsequent traction it has gained now means the company is well placed to take […]

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New report: Big Data: What is it and why should I care?

Many organisations are still sitting on potential goldmines of hard-to-access data that’s long been too costly to surface by traditional means. In addition, they’re more than likely facing a deluge of new data every day from a multitude of internal and external sources – or missing out on it all together. Any of this data […]

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