MatsSoft: Simple, flexible BPM technology for supporting customer interactions

MatsSoft is a growing UK-based business process application technology platform provider with a fairly long heritage but a low profile. Now the company is setting its sights on reaching new markets with a radically overhauled platform and a new go-to-market approach. The company’s origins were as a digital marketing agency serving UK banks and building […]

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ManyWho: Cloud-based workflow, with a twist

When it comes to the landscape of tools that organisations can use to manage and co-ordinate the work that people do, we’re seeing the established ‘enterprise-scale’ players being joined by a fast-growing constellation of new suppliers explicitly targeting clients who want to start fast and get value fast. These suppliers are providing their tools from […]

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“A platform to help you scale your ideas”

AppianWorld, Appian’s annual conference, continues to grow in line with the company’s scale and ambition. Some things – important things – remain the same, though. This year’s AppianWorld, held in Washington DC this week, saw around 1,000 registrants come together for two days of education and networking. Appian doesn’t go in for the kind of […]

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Taming the long tail of business processes

The technology options that organisations have at their disposal to help them co-ordinate work and share knowledge have never been so numerous, or so accessible. A growing cluster of cloud-based workflow and task management tools that allow teams to streamline the way that tasks are allocated, conducted and tracked have the kinds of price points […]

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Schrodinger’s BPM

That’s the title of a presentation I’m giving on Monday at bpmNEXT 2015. I’m looking forward to it! Those who read my writing or talk to me much will know that the question “is BPM dead or alive?” has been one I’ve been considering a lot over the past couple of years. I’ve been trying […]

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OpenText snaps up Actuate to plug analytics gap

Last week OpenText announced its intention to acquire Actuate, the open source embedded analytics company for around $330 million. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2015. News of an acquisition wasn’t a total surprise for many industry watchers. It was obvious that Actuate has been struggling for a while; in […]

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Getting the job done: thoughts from a BPM technology customer panel

What do a retailer, a pub management company and a claims management service provider have in common? When it comes to their experiences with implementing BPM technology quite a bit, it turns out. Even when these companies are at very different stages in their use of the technology. Last week I had the pleasure […]

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Where next for Process Mining?

I visited Process Mining Camp in Eindhoven a couple of weeks back – a small and casual conference organised by Fluxicon Labs. I was participating in a panel towards the end of the one-day event focused on the prospects for Process Mining as a discipline and as a technology market; but I was also keen […]

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PegaWORLD 2014: same as 2013, but More Digital

Yet again, at its annual conference Pegasystems demonstrated its focus on customer success and its ability to become a strategic technology partner for multi-national enterprises. Still, though, its clear from spending time at the conference that delivering success with Pega technology continues to require major commitment and serious skills things that not every customer […]

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Pegasystems eyes social media analytics with MeshLabs buy

Pegasystems, the BPM platform vendor, has recently acquired MeshLabs, a social analytics and natural language processing vendor based out in Bangalore, India, for an undisclosed amount. A very quick glance at the acquisition would suggest a big part of the draw for Pegasystems is that it gets its hands on a pretty nifty advanced text […]

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