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get the balance right: make sure you select the right BPM tool for your needs

Organisations across the world are delivering big business improvements through use of BPM technology: 6 month payback periods on investments are not uncommon. But a wide variety of IT suppliers claim to offer BPM technology products or product suites... and different offerings are suited to different kinds of project and organisation. So choosing a supplier isn't easy.

Focus on making a measured and balanced decision -- When assessing BPM technology offerings, it's tempting to simply consider the functional capabilities of a product or product suite. But it's also important to consider how well each tool supports common kinds of work management scenarios.

Using a combination of our free guides along with detailed product assessments, we aim to help you identify which vendor has what YOU need and is the right partner for YOU.

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Our unique series of in-depth, independent reports assess the offerings of leading BPM technology providers. Read them now to reduce the time, cost and risk associated with your BPM technology selection - and ensure that you select a platform that has the right balance of capabilities to match your particular needs.

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Table of contents
In a nutshell
Support for different types of work
Engagement scope and scale
Change management
Inside the vendor's BPM technology offering
Key products
Using the products
Core capabilities (Mapping, modeling and design; Operation and execution; Monitoring and improvement)
Automated work
Transactional work
Exploratory work
Change Management
Engagement scope and scale
Reference information
Regional capabilities
Industry capabilities
Platforms and connectivity

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With the wide choice of IT suppliers, large and small, claiming to offer BPM technology products or product suites, it pays to have a clear understanding of the technology capabilities that are important for supporting various types of BPM initiatives and work management scenarios, as well as your own particular requirements and constraints.

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These two free reports will help you not only discover the role of BPM initiatives in supporting business transformation, but will also give you a detailed explanation of the analytical framework we have used to shape our 2013 series of BPM technology assessment reports, and which you can apply to your own BPM technology selection decision.

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"MWD Advisors added real value in our quest to find the right BPM tool for our company. The advisory sessions made a lot of sense, providing clear and consistent information. Their extensive experience and broad market awareness is a real plus. Overall they made the selection process a lot smoother and easier."

- Michael Kister, IT Manager, SOCOMEC

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