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Social collaboration technology is changing the way that companies do business... But all new investments have their risks as well as their rewards. Three of the most common risks we've discovered through our research include:

  • Middle management blocks adoption... because you relied on a viral adoption strategy instead of ensuring executive management emphasise the strategic nature of what you're doing;
  • You create lots of excitement at your "big bang" launch... but enthusiasm wanes over time as people go back to doing things the way they did before;
  • You fail to set the right expectations up front and your budget is pulled after just six months because you didn't manage to change the company overnight.

But there are many more...

We've carried out in-depth research with eight established leading adopters of social collaboration platforms to find how they succeeded.
Read these EIGHT stories now to profit from these leaders' experiences and learn from their mistakes.

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Each report includes:

  • Case study key facts
  • Company background
  • Project background
  • Implementation characteristics and status
  • The approach
  • The results
  • Recommendations for adopters - from the case study company
  • Best practice insights - from our expert analysts

Our case study reports are designed to help businesses considering or actively working with social collaboration software understand how others have worked to obtain benefits from their own collaboration implementation, and how they have worked to overcome challenges that have arisen along the way. All our case study reports follow a standard model, and are researched using a standard process which is driven by senior MWD analysts.

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