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It’s almost certain that collaboration is already taking place in your workplace – people are no doubt talking to each other in the office or on the phone, sitting in meetings to discuss particular activities or events, or working together on particular projects or documents. But ad hoc collaborative activities such as these aren’t necessarily evidence of a collaborative organisation. A collaborative organisation is run deliberately in a way that promotes collaborative approaches to getting work done and making decisions.

The potential benefits that come from better collaboration are more widely understood than ever before, but exactly how you go about developing a more collaborative culture remains unclear for many. In this new series of reports we explain how you can set your organisation up for collaborative success. >>>

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Watch and listen as Angela Ashenden takes you through six bite-size guides to building a collaborative culture. (No registration required)

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MWD Advisors case study reports are designed to help organisations considering or actively working with collaboration technology understand how others have worked to obtain benefits from collaboration technology, and how they have worked to overcome challenges that have arisen along the way. Based on in-depth interviews driven by our senior analysts, these reports reveal not only what works, but also what didn't work, and what's left to do... the real stories from real people.

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Whether you're trying to build early momentum from one part of the organisation, or you're embarking on a strategic initiative to change your organisational culture, download three free Strategic Insight reports to discover the path to collaborative success.

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Part 1: Discover the building blocks for success
Find out what it really means to be collaborative: the four reasons your organisation needs to get better at collaboration, the three most common characteristics of organisations that do collaboration well, and the two main categories of blockers you’ll need to eliminate if you want to set things up for success in your own organisation.

Part 2: Your path to success
Once you have recognised the potential benefits that a more collaborative culture can bring to your organisation, how do you go about becoming more collaborative? Now discover the key steps you need to take in your own organisation to build towards a successful collaborative culture. Not quite ready for an enterprise-wide strategy? You'll find a Quick-Start Guide in this report too.

Part 3: 6 top tips for implementing social collaboration software
There's no escaping the fact that in the globally distributed environments where we live and work today, collaboration technologies provide a backbone for communication and connectivity. In this report we examine the role of software more closely, and provide some valuable tips for you to consider as you select and implement technology to support your initiative.