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There's more free advice and information available on the web than ever before - but how much can you trust it? It's difficult to know how impartial and independent the information is, and the quality can be pretty variable. Of course you can purchase a subscription from a big, all-encompassing IT industry analyst firm - but getting access to insights you can use can be very expensive and the firms can be inflexible to work with.

You'll see below how we're different.

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    • 4 x analyst advisory hours
    • Client services advisor
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    All the research, complemented by mentoring and advisory access

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    Guide your investments; meet your short-to-medium term goals

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* When you purchase a subscription, you choose the research program(s) you want access to. If you choose to add all 3 research programs to your membership, you'll get a 10% discount.

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3 essential research and advisory programs to aid business improvement and transformation

"The advisory sessions made a lot of sense, providing clear and consistent information."

  • analytics & information management

    Current research areas: What's the potential of cloud-based analytics tools? How can the analytics skills gap be addressed? Is there anything real in Big Data? How are leading organisations getting business value from analytics tools?

    Lead: Helena Schwenk

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  • process

    Current research areas: Can the big systems integrators help with business process improvement and management projects? How can BPM be used to drive growth? How does case management relate to BPM and how should you set your strategy? What's the impact of cloud, mobile and social?

    Lead: Neil Ward-Dutton

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  • collaboration

    Current research areas: How can you create a collaborative culture? What's the real value of a social intranet? Will social enterprise tools kill email? Is migrating email to the cloud a good idea? Do social analytics tools have a role to play in online communities?

    Lead: Angela Ashenden

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