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How to get your people talking: the secrets of successful collaboration and Enterprise 2.0

Our case study research shows that organisations across industries are responding to the need to become more efficient, to engage employees more widely, and capture opportunities for innovation by adopting more collaborative working practices - making better use of the skills inside their organisations along the way.

With the rising influence of social media on the web and its gradual cross-over into the business world, the concept of online communities is gaining traction both as an aid to internal knowledge sharing and improved collaboration.

Catch this event to understand how organisations can improve internal collaboration through the use of online communities, and learn from a series of in-depth case study interviews with business and IT leaders who have already invested in online community initiatives.

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This event opens on September 28 2010. You will need Guest Pass membership to access this event. If you don't have membership already, register now (it's free)

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The secrets of successful collaboration and Enterprise 2.0

In this keynote presentation, MWD's Principal Analyst Angela Ashenden discusses:

  • Why organisations are looking to online communities to support their internal collaboration and knowledge sharing initiatives, and why previous efforts to achieve this have failed.
  • What an internal community looks like, how it can benefit your organisation, and how this software differs from team workspace solutions.
  • Best practices for implementing online communities within an organisation, based on the experience of early adopters.

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Enterprise case studies

A series of 25-minute interviews with leading practitioners who share their experience.

Case study 1: British American Tobacco

Richard Hare, Knowledge, Communication and Collaboration Consultant at British American Tobacco, talks about BAT's long journey to achieving improved knowledge sharing, using a people-centric approach to building communities of practice.   Login at the menu above now to view the case study, or register for guest pass access (it's free)

Case study 2: Swiss Re

Anu Elmer, Senior Communications Consultant at Swiss Re, talks about its "Ourspace" online communities platform which the company rolled out enterprise-wide, and the value of a combined top-down and bottom-up adoption strategy.  Login at the menu above now to view the case study, or register for guest pass access (it's free)

Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst

Angela is a highly accomplished and experienced IT industry analyst and public speaker. As Principal Analyst for MWD's collaboration practice, she has advised clients on technology and management issues relating to collaboration, enterprise content management, portals, workflow, enterprise search and e-learning. Angela regularly presents at conferences and seminars on information management technology and markets, as well as writing for journals and trade publications on various topics.

Visit Angela's blog and follow her on Twitter.

Case study speakers


Richard Hare is a Knowledge, Communication and Collaboration Consultant at British American Tobacco.

Swiss Re

Anu Elmer is a Senior Communications Consultant at Swiss Re.

This event is provided free of charge. All we ask for is your time.

Who should invest their time?

This event is aimed primarily at senior-level business and IT decision makers within enterprises with roles to play in driving collaboration and knowledge management improvements.

Why should you invest your time?

Collaboration is a fast-maturing area which bridges both business and IT transformation. It is proving increasingly important as a strategic weapon to drive organisational change and differentiation. At MWD Advisors we've made it our mission to help business and IT leaders make better IT investment and deployment decisions by making our own long-term investment in researching and analysing the best practices and technology options you need to understand in order to make the best decisions for your organisation.

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