social analytics: optimising your social media investment for better business outcomes

do you know the impact of your social media investment?

We’ve all seen the eagerness with which consumer-facing brands have embraced social platforms and communication channels such as Facebook and Twitter, with the intention of engaging customers and developing advocates by word-of-mouth. However, the investment in these new online channels is often made blindly: what’s missing from the picture is a practical means to measure the return on this investment and uncover actionable opportunities for improvement.

Organisations are starting to ask questions like "How do you clearly measure the impact of social media?" and "Is my social media marketing strategy really making a difference to my top line?" - and a growing number of social analytics technologies have emerged which promise to bring some clarity. But optimising a social media investment shouldn’t be something you try with tools alone, or without a broader strategy in mind.

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In these easy to digest, bite-sized guides, Angela Ashenden and Helena Schwenk outline how organisations can use social analytics to extract value from their existing social media marketing efforts - and provide practical next steps for getting the most out of a social analytics investment.

Not sure? Here's what one viewer had to say: "I thought this event was great. I have not seen this kind of easy to consume summary from any other analyst firm.  Well done Angela and Helena."

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1: Do you need social analytics? (8'25")
Angela Ashenden provides an overview of the emerging trend of social analytics, comparing it with similar trends such as social media monitoring, and examining how it can help organisations derive value from its different social channels.

2: Enabling an integrated marketing strategy (10'20")
In this presentation, Helena Schwenk examines why marketing has become the focal point for many social analytic efforts and outlines the opportunities and challenges that may arise from its integration across marketing.

3: Alternative scenarios for social analytics (7'03")
In this presentation, Angela outlines a variety of different contexts in which social analytics may be applied, contrasting public social media scenarios with those of more targeted internal or external social software implementations, and illustrating the role social analytics can play in delivering value from both investment areas.

4: Preparing your social analytics strategy (10'05")
Helena outlines some vital next steps for any organisation looking to capitalise on its social media investment using social analytics, identifying potential pitfalls to be avoided and challenges which need to be overcome.

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