empower your employees: 6 top tips for Social Intranet success

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do you know how to harness the power of a social intranet?

We all know that the use of Facebook and Twitter has exploded over the last few years, empowering individuals, organisations and brands to communicate and interact in new, exciting ways and on an unprecedented scale. Not surprisingly, now businesses like yours are starting to ask how they too can embrace social software internally to change established ways of working, and instead enable a more connected and productive workforce.

Enter the "social intranet", bringing social software together with the established concept of the corporate intranet, to breathe new life into a platform in which many organisations found their investment increasingly difficult to justify in recent years. But what makes "social" the ingredient that promises to overcome many of the limitations of traditional intranets you may have experienced? What’s the difference that makes the difference for your organisation?

"Despite considerable investment over a number of years, many corporate intranets have failed to live up to expectations. My research into social technologies has revealed evidence of a renewed focus on the potential of the intranet as a way to create business differentiation and drive innovation while acknowledging more streamlined cost– and employee-bases.
There’s no room for failure this time. I want to give businesses the tips they need to succeed.
~ Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst

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In these easy to digest, bite-sized guides, Angela Ashenden will offer you a clear, unbiased, hype-free understanding of what a social intranet is - and will provide practical next steps to help you figure out which approach to take, and how to minimise risks and maximise your returns.

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1: Embracing social - the intranet is reborn (6'23")
The concept of the social intranet; what went wrong with Intranet 1.0; how social principles and capabilities offer a new perspective on this much maligned enterprise platform.

2: What's so special about a social intranet? (7'07")
Key differences between a traditional and social intranet; the potential benefits of a more social, collaborative approach.

3: Understanding your technology options (8'55")
What different technology approaches are available; the vendor landscape for social intranet solutions.

4: 6 best practice tips for social intranet success (7'59")
Next steps; the key "do's" and "don'ts"; examples of real-world situations experienced by early adopters.

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