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Organisations are looking for ways to strengthen and rejuvenate their business, with new plans to increase flexibility and drive innovation. Enabling more effective collaboration between people is a key enabler to achieving this goal.

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These reports look deeply key technology and business topics, laying out the important issues to consider and highlighting the "big picture" implications of each topic and providing actionable advice that guides enterprises to take the right decisions.

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Creating a social collaboration hub at Macmillan Science and Education

Published: 16 Oct 15

This report examines publishing and research organisation Macmillan Science and Education's deployment of social collaboration technology to connect and unify its business units following the creation of the company in 2012. Driven by a need to streamline communications and other core functions, ...

Programs: collaboration
Vendors: Jive Software

Social collaboration in transition

Published: 25 Sep 15

In a study carried out in July 2015, MWD Advisors asked participants about the level of interest in – and adoption of – social collaboration technologies within their organisations. As well as exploring the things that had acted as drivers to those who’ve already taken their first steps with ...

Programs: collaboration

From viral adoption to strategic initiative: The story of Philips Community

Published: 10 Jun 15

This report examines research and manufacturing firm Philips' five-year social collaboration journey, which took the firm from the unmanaged, employee-led adoption of a free tool to a strategic enterprise-wide social collaboration platform based on VMware's Socialcast technology.

Programs: collaboration
Vendors: Socialcast

What does Mobile Collaboration mean to you?

Published: 21 May 15

What do vendors and their customers mean when they talk about Mobile Collaboration – and is it always the same thing? We've talked to both sides with an interest in this emerging area to unpack what practitioners are looking for (and whether that's consistent across different market sectors), and ...

Programs: collaboration

Digital Leaders interview: Antoine de Kerviler, CIO, Eurostar

Published: 12 May 15

In this in-depth interview with Antoine de Kerviler, CIO at international rail company Eurostar, Neil Ward-Dutton explores how a passionate focus on customer service and the customer experience can drive change in the ways that IT and IT staff deliver value. With supporting slides that summarise ...

Programs: analytics; process; collaboration

Volterra Fietta finds the 'Goldilocks Zone' of secure, easy file sharing with Intralinks VIA

Published: 16 Apr 15

This report examines public international law firm Volterra Fietta's deployment of Intralinks VIA as a content sharing and collaboration solution amongst its internal staff and external third parties (e.g. clients, witnesses, co-counsel, etc.). The roll-out has improved data security for ...

Programs: collaboration
Vendors: Intralinks

How REA Group embraced mobile and found its integration sweet-spots with Box

Published: 27 Feb 15

This report examines property website operator REA Group’s deployment of Box as a content storage, sharing and collaboration solution for its mobile sales workforce, headquartered staff, and international offices. The roll-out is a key plank of a much wider cloud strategy for REA, designed to ...

Programs: collaboration
Vendors: Box

Improving collaboration and better connecting staff at the EC's DG Connect

Published: 23 Feb 15

This report examines the CONNECTED initiative at the European Commission's DG Connect, which employed social collaboration software from Jive Software to streamline and reinvigorate its intranet as part of a programme to remove silos and unify staff across its 52 units, with the goal of improving ...

Programs: collaboration
Vendors: Jive Software

Digital Leaders interview: Myron Hrycyk, Group CIO, Severn Trent plc

Published: 10 Feb 15

The third in our series of interviews with Digital Leaders continues with this in-depth interview with Myron Hrycyk, Group CIO at Severn Trent plc. Over the course of his conversation with MWD's Neil Ward-Dutton, Hrycyk shares how this water utility is bringing digital technologies right into the ...

Programs: analytics; process; collaboration

UnLtd drives internal collaboration to increase transparency, maximise value for social entrepreneurs

Published: 04 Dec 14

This report examines UK-based, not-for-profit organisation UnLtd's initiative to create a social intranet to better connect its distributed employees – as well as its partners and award winners – and better support knowledge sharing among new and existing staff. The new intranet, based on ...

Programs: collaboration

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