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The prospects for collaboration software in 2009 

Published: 03 Mar 2009 / 7 pages

Author(s): Angela Ashenden

Programs: collaboration

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While we are clearly in a time of economic and business uncertainty, collaborative working practices offer organisations immediate, tactical opportunities to improve their current situation, while laying the groundwork for more strategic change and business improvement in the longer term. This report outlines the role that collaboration and collaboration software plays in the current climate, and examines the directions that the market will take during 2009.

key messages

  • Despite a difficult economic environment, the conditions are right for continued collaboration adoption
  • Collaboration ticks the boxes for improved efficiency, but offers significant additional benefits too
  • Growth will focus on building collaborative culture within organisations
  • Social software and SaaS will be the main areas of vendor investment and development.

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Challenging economic times, but no Armageddon
  • Collaboration: a must-have in a downturn
  • Collaboration in 2009: steady progress and building foundations.

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Tags: trends, social_software, culture

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