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Exploring the business value of Cloud Computing 

Published: 23 Sep 2009 / 16 pages

Author(s): Neil Ward-Dutton

Programs: software delivery; governance, architecture and planning

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2009 has been the year in which Cloud Computing entered mainstream industry consciousness. Cloud computing - a model of technology provision where capacity on remotely hosted, managed computing platforms is made publicly available and rented to multiple customers on a self-service basis - is on every IT vendor's agenda, as well as entering the research agendas of many CIOs. But how does Cloud Computing really deliver business value to your organisation, and what kinds of scenarios are best suited to it? What's the real relationship between "Public" and "Private" Cloud offerings in value terms? This report answers these questions.

key messages

  • Cloud Computing is an evolution, not a revolution
  • Cloud Computing can offer three distinct types of value, and you need to understand these
  • There are three common 'entry points' for Cloud Computing in the short term
  • Risks are a part of the Cloud Computing market, just as everywhere else in IT - you have to understand them in context.

table of contents

  • Summary
  • The omnipresent Cloud Computing
  • Evolution, not revolution
  • Defining Cloud Computing
  • Meet the parents
  • Deconstructing the value of Cloud Computing
  • Defining the boundaries of Cloud Computing
  • Making your Cloud Computing investment
  • Where does Cloud Computing make sense?Understand platform benefits and tradeoffs
  • Think carefully about the potential risks
  • Selling the Cloud proposition internally
  • Vendors referenced in this report.

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Vendors: Amazon, Cisco, Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle,, Sonoa Systems, TIBCO
Tags: architecture, cloud_computing, infrastructure, saas, strategy, trends

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