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Nimbus: Filling process knowledge gaps with Nimbus Control 

Published: 13 Nov 2009 / 7 pages

Author(s): Neil Ward-Dutton

Programs: process

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There's no doubt that in the current economic environment, interest in business process improvement is running at extraordinarily high levels across all industries. However it's also clear that the specialist BPM technology suite providers can capture only so much of the business process improvement opportunity: many organisations, for a multitude of reasons, aren't in a position to make an investment in a BPMS. UK headquartered Nimbus takes a different approach to helping organisations improve and manage their processes, by helping them formalise, manage and guide users through "process knowledge" using its Control application.

key messages

  • There's a big 'process knowledge' gap that, for many organisations, the most well-known tools and techniques can't fill
  • Nimbus and its Control application delivers 'online, intelligent operations manuals' that can bridge the process knowledge gap
  • Nimbus Control can provide some process management assistance if you need it.

table of contents

  • Summary
  • The 'white space' between process improvement and BPM technology: process knowledge
  • Nimbus Control: process awareness, standardisation, management
  • Exploring Nimbus Control.

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