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BonitaSoft's mission to democratise BPM gathers pace 

Published: 25 Oct 2010 / 6 pages

Author(s): Neil Ward-Dutton

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There's no doubt that in the current economic environment, interest in business process improvement is running at extraordinarily high levels across all industries. However it's also clear that many organisations haven't yet engaged with specialised BPM technology. French-based BPM technology provider BonitaSoft is aiming at taking BPM technology to new audiences through its open source model and IT audience-focused business development work; it's seeing rapid expansion and is just in the process of expanding internationally.

key messages

  • BonitaSoft is one of a group of vendors aiming to crack open new opportunities and expand the BPM technology market
  • The company?s offering has some strong features which fit the needs of its target community
  • BonitaSoft's biggest competitor is DIY development.

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Broadening the market for BPM tools
  • Bonitasoft: open-source BPM for application developers
  • Placing Bonitasoft in the BPM technology market.

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Vendors: BonitaSoft
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