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Aster Data nCluster: where analytics meets big data 

Published: 06 Jan 2011 / 8 pages

Author(s): Helena Schwenk

Programs: analytics

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Aster Data recently announced version 4.6 of its analytics platform nCluster, a Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) data management system designed to offer both advanced analytics and scalability on large volumes of relational and non-relational data. The company is one of a small but growing number of data management vendors offering an innovative approach to large-scale data management and processing through its use of the MapReduce framework. This report examines Aster Data's approach to managing and exploiting 'big data' and looks at the specific use cases that nCluster serves.

key messages

  • Growing data volumes provide a challenge and opportunity for organisations today
  • Aster data's data analytics platform nCluster aims to exploit this position
  • nCluster provides benefits of scale, parallelisation and analytics on large volumes of data
  • nCluster is applicable to a range of usage scenarios but is not a 'one size fits all' option.

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Making business sense of large volumes of data
  • Aster Data's three step recipe for big data ? Analytics, MapReduce parallelisation and in-database processing
  • A competitive landscape
  • What should I do?

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Vendors: Aster Data
Tags: analytics, data, warehousing

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