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Analytics and the customer journey: driving greater loyalty and profitability

Published: 31 Jan 2011 / 12 pages

Author(s): Helena Schwenk

Programs: analytics

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Delivering an exceptional customer experience isn't just about becoming more customer centric; it also involves maximising the opportunities that come from every interaction a customer has with your business over the duration of their relationship, throughout their customer journey. This Strategic Insight report examines why enhancing the customer experience is so vital to improving profitability and loyalty and how analytics can support critical junctures during a customer's journey. It also outlines some of the common technical challenges faced by organisations implementing analytics and how key technological advancements and innovations are helping overcome some of the barriers to successful customer experience management projects.

key messages

  • The link between a positive customer experience, customer loyalty and ultimately a company's bottom line is growing stronger
  • Organisations need to understand and optimise the customer journey to deliver a truly excellent customer experience
  • Leveraging BI and analytics within an operational and analytic environments is key
  • Advancements in technology and deployment models are making BI and analytics easier and cheaper to use, consume and deploy.

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Why the customer experience matters
  • The customer journey and opportunities for applying analytics
  • Beyond the theory: what does reality look like?
  • What should you do?

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Tags: analytics, innovation