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Customer analytics vendor profile: IBM SPSS Decision Management 

Published: 31 Aug 2011 / 8 pages

Author(s): Helena Schwenk

Programs: analytics

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IBM SPSS Decision Management brings together a set of configurable technologies for predictive analytics, rules and optimisation designed to help organisations improve and automate the decision-making process. This technology forms the basis for a number of pre-packaged business modules built on top of the core platform including those for Customer Interactions and Claims Management. In line with our research on Analytics and the Customer Experience, this report focuses on Decision Management for Customer Interactions a module that enables business users to generate and deploy relevant and targeted customer recommendations to enhance cross-sell, up-sell and retention activities.

key messages

  • IBM's Decision Management for Customer Interactions brings together predictive models and business rule capabilities to help guide and automate parts of the customer decision-making process.
  • While the use of analytics in operational processes such as customer retention isn't particularly new, Decision Management for Customer Interactions differs from more conventional approaches because it's designed to give the business specifically marketing users more control over how these capabilities are built and deployed.
  • But the need for specialist modelling skills is not removed entirely. It is still important for skilled professional analysts to work in unison with business users to validate and refine models and improve results, especially where requirements are more complex.
  • Its value comes however from working with and combining both rules and models to decide what is the best outcome for the customer and the business.
  • Decision Management for Customer Interactions is just one part of IBM's growing Decision Management portfolio that also includes capabilities for Business Event Processing as part of its WebSphere product line.

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Overview of offering
  • Key products and capabilities
  • Decision management workflow
  • Channel and partner strategy
  • Services and support
  • Standards

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Vendors: IBM, SPSS
Tags: analytics, business_rules, customer_analytics, customer_experience, predictive_modelling

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