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Perceptions and reality: the truths of cloud email adoption 

Published: 14 Sep 2011 / 15 pages

Author(s): Angela Ashenden

Programs: collaboration

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As organisations begin to question their on-premise email infrastructure investments, software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based cloud email presents a new, lower cost alternative. This report outlines the findings of a recent online survey carried out by MWD into organisations' readiness for this trend, and their perceptions and experiences of the value and benefits of the approach.

key messages

  • Improved flexibility and reduced licence costs are the primary drivers for cloud email
  • Cost is the most significant factor in vendor selection
  • There is a disconnect between perceived and real issues associated with a move to cloud email
  • Organisations are unclear about the future role of email as a collaboration software tool

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Dipping into market perceptions about cloud email
  • About the survey
  • Analysing the skew: a strong pro-cloud contingent
  • Perceptions versus reality: the benefits of cloud email
  • Cost is the driving factor in vendor selection
  • Availability and reliability concerns deter adoption
  • Organisations are unclear about the future of email
  • Messages for adopters
  • Messages for vendors
  • Appendix Analysing the sample

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Tags: cloud_computing, email, survey, trends

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