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Socialising the intranet 

Published: 20 Oct 2011 / 13 pages

Author(s): Angela Ashenden

Programs: collaboration

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For many organisations, the corporate intranet has failed to live up to expectations of better communication and knowledge sharing, often branded by employees as "irrelevant". Can the emerging trend of "social intranets", which leverage Facebook-style social technologies, succeed to change perceptions of intranet user experiences and processes where previous efforts have failed? Or is it just the latest fad designed to convince organisations to part with their tightly held IT budget?
In this report we examine the drivers behind this trend and the benefits of a more social approach to intranets, and consider the options available to organisations embarking on a social intranet initiative.

key messages

  • Many traditional intranets have failed due to flawed processes and limited technology
  • "Social intranets" leverage state-of-the-art social collaboration technologies to reinvigorate the intranet concept
  • Creating a social intranet is about more than just bolting on a few social tools
  • Only a handful of vendors are actively targeting this opportunity so far
  • Plan your social intranet strategy in the context of your broader collaboration and content management strategies

table of contents

  • Summary
  • The rise of the social intranet
  • Where did we go wrong with "Intranet 1.0"?
  • A new approach, and renewed investment
  • Centralising collaboration strategy
  • "Socialising" the corporate intranet
  • Benefits of the social intranet
  • Determining your social intranet strategy
  • Bolting on social components
  • Adding a social “layer” to your intranet
  • Replacing your intranet with a social platform
  • Selecting your solution: the vendor landscape
  • Key considerations for your social intranet strategy

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Vendors: ThoughtFarmer, Microsoft, Jive Software, Interact Intranet, Igloo Software, IBM
Tags: content_management, intranet, management, portals, saas, social_software, strategy, trends

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