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Analytics in the cloud: a practical approach 

Published: 22 Dec 2011 / 11 pages

Author(s): Helena Schwenk

Programs: analytics

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The use of analytics capabilities hosted in a cloud platform (otherwise known as Cloud Analytics) offers companies the opportunity to improve the implementation and deployment economics of analytic and data warehousing systems. However, while technology advancements are making analytics in the cloud a reality, today most organisations are taking a hesitant approach. General concerns around data integration, data security and the long term cost benefit of a cloud analytics platform are often cited as common barriers to adoption. This Strategic Insight report aims to shed light on some of these concerns by providing a practical guide to analytics in the cloud, looking specifically at deployment models, common usage scenarios and the promises and pitfalls of analytics in the cloud.

key messages

  • Not all clouds are alike
  • The need to customise and extend will impact your cloud analytics approach
  • The hybrid cloud offers a more pragmatic approach
  • Always keep the business in mind

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Cloud computing: a paradigm shift for IT and the business
  • The core building blocks of public clouds
  • The benefits and risks of analytics in a public cloud environment
  • Expanding the options: private and hybrid clouds
  • Common adoption scenarios for analytics in the cloud
  • What should I do?

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Tags: analytics, big_data, cloud_computing, hybrid_cloud, iaas, paas, private_cloud, public_cloud, saas, virtualisation

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