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BPM in the cloud profile: Appian 

Published: 30 Jan 2012 / 3 pages

Author(s): Neil Ward-Dutton

Programs: process

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This short profile report explores Appian's current offering and strategy regarding delivering BPM capabilities through cloud-based services. The report is one of a series focused on offerings from the vendor community actively offering cloud-based BPM capabilities, and is designed to act as a companion to MWD Advisors' December 2011 report The evolving contribution of cloud computing to BPM.

key messages

  • Appian's cloud offering related to BPM revolves around Amazon AWS-hosted instances of its core Appian technology platform, which are feature-equivalent to the on-premise version it sells.
  • First launched in 2007 as Appian Anywhere, Appian's cloud-based BPM offering is a major part of the company's business.
  • To date, although there are no differences in functionality between the cloud-based and on-premise offerings, customers using Appian's cloud platform have tended to deploy less complex and demanding process scenarios than those using its technology on premise.

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Appian's current cloud BPM business
  • Trends and futures

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