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Optimising your social media investment using social analytics 

Published: 15 Feb 2012 / 13 pages

Author(s): Angela Ashenden, Helena Schwenk

Programs: collaboration; analytics

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In the last five years social media has exploded into our consciousness and daily lives. Today the majority of businesses recognise the impact and influence of social media and have created their own social presence on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. But many organisations are finding it difficult to not only keep track of activities across social media channels, but also to make sense and use of the rich social data they generate. In this report we provide an overview of the emerging social analytics trend, and examine how it can help organisations derive value from their different social engagement channels. We outline the opportunities and challenges that arise from its integration across marketing, and we also consider a variety of different contexts in which social analytics may be applied. Finally, we outline some vital next steps for any organisation looking to capitalise on its social media investment using social analytics.

key messages

  • Creating a corporate social presence is easy - making it pay is another matter
  • A range of social analytics products and services have emerged to help organisations monitor and measure the impact of their efforts
  • Social media has become an attractive but essential tool in the marketer's portfolio, but must be part of an integrated marketing strategy
  • Beyond marketing, there are a number of other contexts in which social analytics can play an important part
  • There are five stages of capability maturity - the majority of organisations are operating at the first two levels
  • Preparation is everything - learn from the most common social analytic pitfalls.

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Do you need social analytics?
  • Business has woken up to social media
  • Using social analytics to monitor, understand and engage
  • Social analytics vs. social media monitoring
  • Enabling an integrated approach to marketing
  • Social media's impact on marketing
  • Realising benefits requires integrating social analytics with other marketing activities
  • Beyond marketing: alternative scenarios for social analytics
  • Opportunities for leveraging social analytics
  • Preparing your social analytics strategy
  • Social analytics: an early stage of market development
  • Harnessing social media: where to start
  • Avoiding the pitfalls

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Tags: analytics, communities, customer_experience, data_integration, integration, marketing_automation, social_analytics, social_software, strategy, text_analytics

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