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Social Analytics vendor profile: Teradata Aprimo 

Published: 09 Aug 2012 / 8 pages

Author(s): Helena Schwenk

Programs: collaboration; analytics

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Aprimo has a unique approach to social analytics. Its offering combines the company’s campaign management tool with other technology layers, namely the Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and the Aster Big Data analytics platform for storing, managing and performing analysis on all forms of data including multi-structured social data. The insights derived within the data management layers can in turn be used to target, communicate and interact with customers more effectively. This Vendor Insights looks at the support provided by all three components as part of Aprimo's social analytics offering.

key messages

  • Aprimo doesn't have a dedicated social analytics offering. Instead it relies on other technology platforms specifically the Teradata EDW and Aster analytic database to round out its offering
  • There is no direct support for social media monitoring although the Aster database has a number of in-built social network and text analytical functions that can further the understanding of social data
  • Aprimo Relationship Manager is a robust multi-channel campaign management offering that provides the delivery and engagement capabilities of its social analytics offering

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Market Positioning
  • Technology overview
  • Company background
  • Channel and partner strategy
  • Services and support

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Vendors: Aprimo, Aster Data, Teradata
Tags: analytics, big_data, customer_analytics, data_warehousing, in-database_analytics, marketing_automation, social_analytics, social_software

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