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Social analytics vendor profile: Telligent 

Published: 16 Aug 2012 / 6 pages

Author(s): Angela Ashenden

Programs: collaboration; analytics

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Online communities vendor Telligent's approach to social analytics is tightly tied to its goal of transforming the way that organisations listen to, engage and measure interaction with customers, partners and employees. Telligent Analytics enables customers to monitor the "health" of their internal or external Telligent online community, as well as to monitor the "buzz" on selected public social media sites.

key messages

  • Telligent Analytics provides granular monitoring and reporting on both online community activity and selected public social media sources
  • A range of tools for understanding what the data means for the organisation
  • Support for "actioning" insights remains largely manual at present

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Market Positioning
  • Technology overview
  • Company background
  • Channel and partner strategy
  • Services and support

filed under:

Vendors: Telligent
Tags: analytics, big_data, communities, customer_analytics, social_software, text_analytics

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