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Addressing the analytics skills gap - there's more than one way to skin a cat 

Published: 17 Jun 2013 / 3 pages

Author(s): Helena Schwenk

Programs: analytics

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In Brief - At its recent Big Data and Analytic insight event IBM unveiled a number of initiatives aimed at addressing the analytics skills shortage. These range from service engagements to software tools, and some that combine both, as well as working with partners such as academic institutions to help seed the next generation of analytically literate employees. Although a lot of vendors pay lip service to addressing the skills gap - most tackle it from a software tooling perspective by making their products easier or more automated - we're encouraged to see IBM use some of the massive resources it has at its disposal to take a more rounded approach, one that takes into account people and process as well as technology.

table of contents

  • The analytics skills gap in context
  • Getting serious: IBM puts its money where its mouth is
  • Building an analytics competency requires a multidisciplinary approach
  • Cross-sector investment is needed

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Vendors: IBM
Tags: analytics, big_data, customer_analytics, skills_gap

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