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The Digital Enterprise shift: Why it matters, and how you can avoid being sidelined 

Published: 16 Oct 2013 / 15 pages

Author(s): Neil Ward-Dutton, with Angela Ashenden and Helena Schwenk

Programs: collaboration; process; analytics

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We constantly hear industry commentators talk about cloud computing, social business, mobile computing, big data or analytics. We also hear talk about how customers' expectations are changing and how businesses need to deliver more joined-up, high-quality customer experiences. Often not explained, though, is how all these things are connected – and why the big change vectors driving everything are creating new business-technology capability requirements for enterprises. A shift to a new 'Digital Enterprise' operating model, which takes a 'digital first' approach to building, improving, linking and managing business capabilities wherever they may be, is happening. Digital Enterprises are fundamentally more economically efficient than others. You can see this as an opportunity or a threat; but you can’t ignore it.

This report is aimed at Business Architects, Business Strategists and IT Strategists who have responsibility for shaping business transformation efforts. It explains what the shift to a Digital Enterprise model means for business management systems, operating models, skills and culture; and it highlights key principles for how you should map out your transition if you're serious about taking the journey.

key messages

  • Great customer experiences require integration
  • IT has to play a strategic role to bridge the 'customer experience gap'
  • Cloud, social, mobile and data analytics technologies are further stirring the pot
  • Introducing the Digital Enterprise
  • A successful Digital Enterprise shift requires your business to exhibit five key features

table of contents

  • Summary
  • Mass interconnectivity and the importance of customer experience
  • Cloud, Social, Mobile, Big Data Analytics: new platforms for transforming work
  • Digital Enterprises - embracing digital systems for profit
  • Creating a Digital Enterprise - six principles
  • Next - arm yourself with knowledge

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