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In Brief: Beyond "social" at IBM Connect 2014 

Published: 30 Jan 2014 / 3 pages

Author(s): Angela Ashenden

Programs: collaboration

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In Brief – This week Angela Ashenden has been hearing about IBM's product roadmaps, collaboration and business strategy, and latest market positioning at IBM Connect 2014. Use of the word "social" was notable by its absence; the focus was on IBM Connections, the new umbrella brand for all IBM's collaboration products, with cloud delivery playing an increasingly prominent role. This briefing note provides a round-up of these updates, as well as news of IBM Mail Next, highlights from IBM Research's work around analytics, and the latest on the impact of IBM's Kenexa acquisition.

table of contents

  • Rebranding under the IBM Connections name
  • A shift to cloud-first
  • IBM Mail Next
  • Analytics, analytics, analytics
  • Integrating Kenexa and Connections to support social onboarding of employees

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Vendors: IBM
Tags: analytics, email, social_collaboration, social_software

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