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Business process improvement and management is a change approach which bridges both business and IT transformation. It is proving increasingly important as a strategic weapon to drive not only efficiency, but customer experience improvement and differentiation.

Our research and consulting services help you make sense of technology trends and products, and make the right practical calls as you build your own capability.


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The cloud workflow zoo

You might say that the ‘traditional’ BPM technology platform marketplace is maturing / mature, and you’d be right. The products that dominate the market for on-premises, [...]

Pegasystems now wants to be seen as an applications company, but its platform is still a big deal

In the past year Pegasystems has significantly shifted. It used to promote itself as a BPM platform provider differentiated by its rich industry frameworks, but now it’s promoting itself as a [...]

BP3: much innovation for customers, but a bigger story needed

Just before I left for a family vacation in August, I spent a couple of days in Austin TX with BP3 at the company’s BPM CAMP event, and caught a masterclass in customer-centricity. In case [...]

‘Digitalisation’ and the optimal co-ordination of resources

First off I need to say that I am deeply ambivalent about the term ‘digitalisation’. There’s one too many syllables in the word. Nevertheless it’s the term used in this post [...]

Case Management is the big focus for IBM’s BPM offering in 2015

Over the past few years, IBM has been on a steady BPM technology trajectory that’s seen it consistently extend beyond its integration-centric heritage to produce flexible tools that can cope [...]

premium research

On the Radar: Camunda

Published: 09 Oct 15

Camunda services GmbH (www.camunda.com) is a Berlin-headquartered company offering commercial consulting and support services for an open-source BPM technology platform called Camunda BPM. [...]

On the Radar: Alfresco

Published: 10 Sep 15

Alfresco provides an open core, open standards-based platform for content management, extended enterprise collaboration, business process management, compliance management, and case management which [...]

BPM technology review 2015: Pegasystems

Published: 01 Sep 15

This report assesses the capabilities of Pegasystems’ BPM technology platform, and also examines the partners and intellectual property that Pegasystems can offer customers exploring Business [...]

BPM technology review 2015: IBM

Published: 27 Jul 15

Over the past few years, IBM has been on a steady BPM technology trajectory that's seen it consistently extend beyond its integration-centric heritage to produce flexible tools that can cope with [...]

Bonitasoft follows an application platform path with Bonita BPM 7

Published: 22 Jul 15

With the release of Bonita BPM 7, the commercial open-source player has become part of a growing band of BPM technology vendors making a shift towards delivering broader business application [...]

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Neil is MWD's co-founder and Research Director, and is one of Europe's most experienced and high-profile IT industry analysts. His areas of expertise include business process management (BPM), enterprise architecture (EA) and service oriented architecture (SOA) and IT governance, and he is currently the lead analyst for MWD's BPM Continuous Advisory Service. Neil has acted an advisor to leading vendors, including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, BEA, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, and Borland; and to large IT user organisations in Media, Government, Transport, Financial Services, and Telecommunications.

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