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MWD offers an extensive range of research reports free-of-charge to Guest Pass subscribers. The research available as part of this free service provides subscribers with a solid foundation for creating business improvement from IT investment based on our unique perspective on key IT management competencies. Three of our four report types are represented in our Guest Pass library:

  • Strategic Insights reports offer in-depth independent analysis of key technology areas, industry initiatives and management issues and provide advice for adopters.
  • Best Practice Insights reports detail findings of our case studies, customer podcast interviews and industry surveys to highlight critical success factors for organisations as they wrestle with new techniques, processes or tools.
  • Vendor Insights reports come in three types. Vendor briefs analyse vendor initiatives, achievements and announcements; On The Radar reports provide concise yet thorough overviews of small specialist vendors and their products and services; and Vendor Capability Assessments follow MWD's unique and proprietary approach to delivering comparative analyses of leading technology and services offerings.

In addition we offer analyst blogs and podcasts, which provide regularly-updated insights and analysis from the MWD team.

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There are other research and advisory firms which offer free content, but when you look beneath the covers some of them don't really provide much of value.

Since we founded MWD in 2005, though, we made it a core company principle to offer a significant proportion of our research free-of-charge to registered users of our website. Of course, we're not doing this as a charity: we want as many people as possible to see the value in what we do, and tell their associates. That's the way we build our business.

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