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1. Getting started

1.1 About the collaboration capability benchmark tool

What is the purpose of the tool?

This collaboration capability benchmark tool is designed to help you gauge your organisation's current level of competency regarding collaboration initiatives (whether you have already started with an explicit collaboration initiative or not), and its ability to get the most value out of collaboration. Through the use of an interactive self-assessment, it assesses your organisation's capabilities in five key sections:

  • OrganisationThis section examines how well your organisation is set up to support collaboration, taking into account the degree of freedom and flexibility extended to individuals to identify and bring together the necessary people and resources to make key business decisions.
  • Strategy - In this section, we assess the depth of the strategy behind your organisation's collaboration initiative, identifying the measures and resources that have been put in place to ensure that the initiative is able to succeed in the long term.
  • Technology - In this section, we look at how well-aligned the collaboration technology is with your organisation's broader strategies and processes, as well as the depth of integration with existing technologies.
  • Governance - In this section, we address the need for clearly defined, articulated and understood guidelines, policies and processes to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day activities as your organisation seeks to become a more collaborative business.
  • Adoption readiness - In this section, we look at what is being done within your organisation to deliberately drive adoption in the right ways.

You then have the option to download a high-quality PDF report. Unique to your organisation, this personalised action plan report will analyse your self-assessment information to provide you with a plan that will advise you on next steps to improve your maturity; as well as providing a detailed analysis of your competency levels benchmarked against other organisations of a similar size, in the same industry, and in the same geographical region.

What's in it for MWD Advisors?

We have created this tool as a way of gauging industry maturity in this area. It helps us to understand the current status of collaboration maturity, and over time, will help us monitor trends. We do not look at individual responses - all reports and analyses work from anonymised, aggregated data. Please see the privacy section in this FAQ for further details.

What does the tool provide?

Following completion of the self-assessment, we analyse your responses to the questionnaire and provide you with an online scoresheet that presents your score in the different dimensions on a spider diagram to provide you with an overall perspective on your collaboration competency levels.

If you want to get more detailed benchmark information and find out how your current competency levels affect your collaboration strategy, you can then opt to generate a personalised action plan. This PDF report shows benchmarks that compare your readiness against other organisations of a similar size, in the same industry, and in the same geographical region. As well as this, your action plan highlights a set of crucial next steps you will need to take in order to improve your collaboration readiness and maturity.

Why would I use this tool, rather than tools provided by vendors?

Some technology suppliers offer free self-assessment tools. In many cases, these tools are primarily focused on assessment and although they will help you to understand your level of collaboration maturity, they do not offer the actionable advice to help you plan your collaboration initiative given your level of maturity. In other cases, the assessment tool also includes a planning element. However, in such cases the tools are likely to be oriented to the supplier's offerings, and therefore cannot be considered objective or independent.

Our tool combines assessment and planning, and provides a vendor-independent and holistic perspective on collaboration which considers the broad range of capabilities and technologies required to maximise the value of your collaboration capability investment. In addition, of course, you can carry out the self-assessment exercise at no charge.

Do I need to download and install any software?

The tool itself is completely browser-based but you will need Adobe Reader to read your action plan report which is generated as a downloadable PDF document.

Is there any limit on how long I can use the tool?

No. There is no time limit on free-of-charge access to the tool. Once you have set up your free member account and completed the self-assessment survey you can revisit it and re-generate the results as many times as you like. In fact, with new users adding benchmark data to the tool all the time, we actively encourage you to re-run your results to take advantage of this expanding benchmark data set.

We commit to making the tool available for at least 24 months from launch (until August 2014), and we will update the tool as and when improvements become necessary. If for any reason we have to discontinue the tool, we will provide prior written notice to everyone who has taken the time to complete the survey.

Who has produced the tool?

The tool has been produced exclusively by MWD Advisors (see here for more details).

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1.2. Signing Up, Signing In, and Managing Your Account

Will I have to sign up to use the collaboration capability benchmark tool?

Yes, you need to register with us in order to use the collaboration capability benchmark tool. To register, just click the "become a member" link at the top right of any page on the MWD website.

You can also sign in using your LinkedIn account. Using your LinkedIn account to access content on the MWD website means that you don't have to remember yet another user ID and password. Your privacy is secure: we don't have access to your LinkedIn password or any of your personal account details. Should you ever wish to cancel your access to MWD's free membership content, simply log into your LinkedIn account to revoke the connection between your account and the MWD website.

Please note, though, that if you choose to revoke your authorisation for the MWD website to use your LinkedIn credentials, the MWD website won't be notified of this – so if you have elected to receive news and updates from MWD, you will continue to receive these until you explicitly tell us.

How do I sign in and sign out?

From any page on the MWD website, type your username and password details into the login box at the top right of the page. When you're signed in, you can sign out at any time by clicking on the "logout" link in the menu bar.

Why do I need to provide an email address to sign up?

We use that information to provide you a more personalised online experience and to process orders. This information will not be shared with any third party. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

I have lost my account username and/or password. Can I get a new one?

Just visit the Forgotten your details? page. You'll need to provide us with the email address you registered with: if it matches a customer record in our database we'll email your username and password to that email address.

Can I change my password?

Yes. First, log in (if you’ve forgotten your password, request a reminder as above). Then follow the my mwd link, and you can change your password and other details here.

Why do I need to provide details about my geography, organisation size and industry?

We use this information to benchmark your organisation against others in the same geography, industry and of a similar size, which you can see if you choose to generate your personalised action plan report at the end of the self-assessment survey.

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1.3. Privacy and Security

Who can see my information?

The information you provide for the collaboration capability benchmark tool information is only available to you. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

Is the tool anonymous?

When calculating industry or geographic benchmark reports, the data provided to customers is completely anonymous. All reports and analyses work from anonymised, aggregated data.

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2. Working with the Tool

2.1. Creating, Editing, Saving, and Restoring an Assessment

How do I create a new assessment?

Once you have signed in, select [take the assessment] from the tool homepage. If you have completed any part of the survey before you will see an option to clear the data and start the survey again.

How long does it take to finish the assessment?

The self-assessment has around 60 questions, split into five sections: Organisation, Strategy, Technology, Governance and Adoption. Assuming you have all the information available for these five sections, it should take no more than one hour to complete. Don't worry if you do not have all the information to hand: you can save your work at any time and return to it at a later date, once you have the information to complete unanswered questions.

How do I calculate my assessment score?

Calculate your assessment score at any time by selecting the [get your results] link at the bottom of each section of the assessment survey. Your results will be generated automatically, and will tell you which parts of the survey have not been completed, if applicable.

How do I get the Action Plan report?

Once you have generated the results of the assessment survey, you will see a section on the results page called [taking further action]. From here you can click to download your detailed Collaboration Action Plan report. See Section 3 below for further details.

Can I update my answers to the questionnaire?

Yes, you can amend your answers to the questionnaire at any time.

What happens if I make a mistake? Do I have to undo all of my changes?

If you make a mistake, the tool provides a couple of features to make it easy to correct things:

  • If you want to correct an answer to a specific question (i.e. select completely agree instead of partially disagree, for example), just click on the corresponding radio button.
  • If you want to change a complete section, just press the [reset this section] button associated with that assessment section. All your answers in that section will be reset.
  • If you want to undo all your changes since you last saved your work, go to the start of the assessment and use the [click here to clear the data and start again] link in the yellow box.
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2.2. Using the tool

How can I get help on answering the questions in the assessment?

The tool’s assessment section offers context-sensitive help, in the form of popups which are provided for each section and subsection of the assessment. Just click on the [?] links next to section headings and subsection headings within the assessment.

Is any other help available?

The [Help] tab on the tool menu provides useful information about the tool. It also includes a link to this FAQ document, as details of how to contact us by email with any questions.

How is the Collaboration Action Plan report created?

The personalised action plan is produced using a model which maps your scores in each assessment section and subsection to a database of actions. The model also understands dependencies and relationships between sections, subsections and questions, and takes those into account when generating the action plan.

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3. Generating your personalised Collaboration Action Plan report

What is the personalised Collaboration Action Plan?

Once you have started out with the self-assessment, you can download your "personalised Action Plan" report. This professionally formatted report includes:

  • the scores from the online report
  • detailed benchmark comparisons for your industry, company size and geography
  • (most importantly) a personalised action plan based on your responses to the self-assessment.

Once you have downloaded your report, the PDF report becomes available to you as an integral part of your own personalised research library on the MWD Advisors website – but unlike other reports in our research library, it's dynamically generated from your most recent self-assessment data each time you access it. This means you can work through the tool once, download the report, and then – some time later, as you progress through your collaboration initiative – re-run the tool's assessment and obtain an updated report. There's no cost involved with this.

A sample of the personalised Collaboration Action Plan report can be downloaded here.

How do I access my report?

At any time during the self-assessment survey you can choose to 'save your work' or 'get your results'. Click on 'get your results' and you will see your high-level benchmark result in the form of a spider diagram. On the right of that page you will see a button with an invitation to 'click here to download your Collaboration Action Plan personalised to your business needs'. Click there, and you will be prompted to download your automatically generated PDF report.

You will now also be able to access your personalised Action Plan report from your own personal my mwd page on the MWD Advisors site. To access the report at any future time, just log on to the MWD Advisors site using your member account credentials and visit the Collaboration Capability Benchmark tool page or your own personal my mwd page.

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praise for our BPM benchmark tool

"This is a really easy-to-use tool that gets straight to the point. The assessment confirmed that we're heading in the right direction, but also prompted me to put additional management focus in some areas. The recommendations in our report are actually a great representation of what we have to focus on next, and are written in a way that all our stakeholders can understand."
- Sebastiaan Van den Wijngaert, BPM Manager, Maersk Line

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