collaboration maturity acceleration tool

discover the steps you need to take to improve your organisation's collaborative capabilities

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Complete our simple online self-assessment questionnaire and get a personalised strategy action plan to take you to the next level of collaboration maturity.

At MWD Advisors we define collaboration as "the act of people working together to achieve a common goal, with shared responsibility, and where all benefit".

There's no doubt that improving levels of collaboration can bring significant business benefits, including:

  • Better sharing of knowledge
  • Driving innovation and business differentiation
  • Supporting distributed teams
  • Building better relationships with partners and customers

Whether you already have a collaboration initiative underway or not, this unique online tool will help you gauge the maturity of your organisation's current collaboration capabilities and guide you through the steps you should take to get to the next level of success. It's free and easy to use!

get started in three easy steps

1. Take the self-assessment questionnaire
Our collaboration maturity acceleration tool is based around a simple yet thorough self-assessment questionnaire. Ideally, to complete the assessment in full you should have a broad understanding of your organisation's approach to collaboration. If you don't, that's OK; you'll be able to save the assessment at any point in order to involve or consult colleagues, and then return to update the assessment later.

2. See how you compare to other organisations
At the end of the assessment the tool calculates your results and assesses your organisation's collaboration competence levels, providing an overall analysis of your current performance and outlook.

3. Download an in-depth, personalised action plan
With just one more click, you can immediately download a more detailed capability benchmark, together with a personalised action plan to guide you through your next steps for improvement - this comes to you as a PDF that you can share with your colleagues and access online whenever you like!

It doesn't end there. If you're interested in continuous improvement, you can return to update your assessment as you make improvement and generate a new action plan with your next steps forward.

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