Collaboration case study: Hatch

Global engineering company Hatch deployed online community technology to support knowledge sharing and collaboration across the organisation.

Case study key facts

Company Hatch
Industry Engineering, Project Development, Project Delivery
Current Collaboration goals Hatch wanted to provide a centralised knowledge-sharing environment to support collaboration across its globally distributed project teams and to reduce the risk of knowledge being lost as experienced employees reach retirement. The company was also keen to adopt Web 2.0 technologies to support the growing proportion of “Generation Y” employees within the company who are less dependent on email for collaboration.
Current approach Having looked at alternative solutions in the marketplace, Hatch decided to build on its existing relationship with Open Text and leverage its existing in-house expertise. The company implemented Open Text’s Communities of Practice (CoP) solution on top of an Open Text ECM Suite document repository to provide an enterprise-wide online communities platform.
Outcome Two years after the end of the pilot, on-going adoption and use of the community technology remains strong. Hatch currently supports 50 online communities with a focus ranging from specific projects to enterprise-wide practices and procedures, each with between 50 and 150 members. The company considers its CoP implementation to be an integral and valuable part of its overall collaboration strategy.
Collaboration tools and suppliers used Open Text Communities of Practice, Open Text ECM Suite

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