Collaboration case study: IPC The Hospitalist Company

Healthcare organisation IPC uses microblogging technology to provide a communications and collaboration platform that connects its distributed workforce in a non-hierarchical manner.

Case study key facts

Company IPC The Hospitalist Company Inc.
Industry Healthcare
Current Collaboration goals To enable its medical workforce to communicate and collaborate with each other in real time, sharing ideas and providing peer-level support, as well as creating a flatter organisational structure which facilitates communication between doctors and company executives.
Current approach IPC has rolled out a customised microblogging environment across its entire workforce, integrating it with the doctors’ existing IT environment to make it as intuitive and easy to use as possible.
Outcome Only eight months after rollout, the technology has been adopted broadly across the organisation, and is now the primary communications channel across the organisation. It continues to improve collaboration between doctors in different practices across different regions, and gives IPC a major differentiator in its market.
Collaboration tools and suppliers used Yammer, Adenin IntelliEnterprise

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