Collaboration case study: Swiss Re

Reinsurance organisation Swiss Re uses Jive Software’s technology to support and facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration across its network of risk managers and reinsurance experts worldwide.

Case study key facts

Company Swiss Re
Industry Reinsurance
Current Collaboration goals Against a background of different technology solutions which were either inadequate or outdated, Swiss Re wanted to provide an intuitive and integrated technology solution to support knowledge sharing and collaboration between its global network of risk managers and reinsurance experts, in support of its “Play as one to win” initiative.
Current approach The company decided to implement a global social collaboration platform for its employees which would provide a central focus for collaboration within the organisation, pulling together other collaborative tools such as email and instant messaging, and integrating with business applications to make collaboration as integral to employees’ activities as possible.
Outcome In September 2009, Swiss Re launched the Ourspace business collaboration platform across the organisation, achieving rapid adoption success and enabling knowledge sharing across many different parts of the organisation. In addition to this success, the organisation has been able to decommission several legacy applications as a result, as well as overcoming the negative impact of reduced travel.
Collaboration tools and suppliers used Jive Social Business Software (SBS)

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