Collaboration case study: Mota-Engil

Global engineering and construction organisation Mota-Engil used a custom-built collaboration and project management platform based on online communities software from Telligent to help improve innovation across the company.

Case study key facts

Company Mota-Engil
Industry Engineering and construction
Current Collaboration goals Mota-Engil wanted to develop a more innovative culture across the organisation, encouraging employees of all levels to contribute ideas about new business opportunities and improving existing business processes, and enabling these to be taken from idea to reality in a managed, collaborative and visible way.
Current approach Mota-Engil commissioned the development of a single platform which incorporated ideas management, collaboration software and project management tools to enable ideas to be submitted, discussed and enhanced, approved centrally, and then delivered for the benefit of the business.
Outcome Six months after launch the Mota-Engil InnovCenter has enabled the number of innovative ideas which reach project stage to treble in number, with two of these already having delivered results. Employees are rewarded for their contributions in a tangible way, and the organisation is able to track the progress of innovative opportunities and identify valuable individuals across the company.
Collaboration tools and suppliers used Telligent Evolution Platform; weListen

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