Collaboration case study: CGI

This article examines professional services organisation CGI’s enterprise-wide collaboration initiative focused on improving knowledge sharing and supporting its growing and increasingly global workforce. The initiative, called CynerGI, employs social collaboration platform TIBCO tibbr.

Case study key facts

Company CGI
Industry IT Professional Services
Current Collaboration goals As a fast-growing and increasingly global organisation, CGI wanted to improve collaborative working practices across the company by encouraging knowledge sharing and better supporting distributed cross-company teams. At the same time, employees were demanding better technologies to support social collaboration, in reaction to their experience using a variety of disconnected collaborative tools.
Current approach In Spring 2011, CGI launched a new initiative – known as “CynerGI” – which aimed to address three dimensions: selecting and implementing a central social collaboration technology, supporting employees in adapting to a new, more collaborative approach, and creating an environment which fostered a collaborative culture. In October 2011, the company launched a new solution based on TIBCO tibbr social collaboration platform, which was rolled out to the company’s 31,000 employees in a “big bang” approach.
Outcome Five months after launch, adoption of the new system has been encouraging, with employees starting to provide feedback relating to the tool, for example requesting usage and etiquette guidelines. CGI has an ongoing plan for decommissioning the company’s previous collaboration technologies, and hopes to make considerable cost savings as a result. While the practical aspects of the initiative are only in the formative stages, evidence is already emerging with regards to specific examples where the new social collaboration solution has improved productivity and enabled cross-company knowledge sharing.
Collaboration tools and suppliers used TIBCO tibbr

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