Collaboration case study: Business Environment

This article examines serviced offices provider Business Environment’s use of Interact Intranet to create a collaboration and information sharing intranet service for employees of the company and its affiliates.

Case study key facts

Company Business Environment Limited
Industry Serviced offices
Current Collaboration goals Business Environment wanted to be able to share news and other information, such as problem remedies and best practices, as quickly as possible, and to achieve better connectivity between offices. It also wanted to provide its staff with more flexible access to information and colleagues, as well as making unwieldy email-based business processes more efficient.


Current approach Business Environment introduced its first intranet in 2008. It provided ready access to news and other company information, and included games to attract users to the home page. In January 2012, the company launched the second phase of its intranet, rebranded as The Lounge, adding social features to support both work and non-work collaboration.
Outcome Business Environment is pleased with the impact that the intranet has had within the organisation. All employees access the system on a regular basis (at least once a month), and surveys into staff satisfaction with information access showed an improvement from 65% to 87% between 2010 and 2012. The ability to communicate more easily between offices is already bringing knowledge sharing benefits (with staff sharing customer problems and solutions, for example) and the company has experienced moderate productivity gains through switching email-based processes to the intranet.
Collaboration tools and suppliers used Interact Intranet

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