Collaboration case study: LexisNexis

This article examines how LexisNexis’ UK organisation pioneered the use of Yammer as the formal basis for its workforce collaboration and paved the way to its adoption globally by parent company Reed Elsevier.

Case study key facts

Company LexisNexis UK
Industry Publishing and information provision
Current Collaboration goals LexisNexis UK needed to improve internal communications and collaboration effectiveness among its employees, encouraging bidirectional conversational flow up and down the organisational hierarchy. It also wanted to increase employee productivity through better engagement of staff.
Current approach The company chose to adopt the social collaboration service Yammer as its strategic solution – around one third of the company was already using on an informal basis. A major internal promotion campaign encouraged take-up, enlisting existing users as champions for its adoption. Use of Yammer is encouraged for both work and non-work activities, with all corporate communications information now delivered solely via Yammer.
Outcome Sixteen months on from its official launch at LexisNexis UK, about 60% of the company is using Yammer at least once every two weeks, with 98% of staff signed up as registered users. Some areas of the business – particularly the sales teams – continue to resist adoption, but the company is seeing positive improvements in levels of engagement among those who have adopted. Yammer has also proved a valuable platform for collaboration, especially for interest and project groups. Following the success of the initiative in the LexisNexis UK organisation, its parent company, Reed Elsevier, has decided to implement Yammer across the global organisation.
Collaboration tools and suppliers used Yammer

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