Collaboration case study: Avanade

As part of its enterprise collaboration initiative, Avanade Fabric, global IT services provider Avanade implemented a social intranet platform based on Microsoft SharePoint and NewsGator Social Sites.

Case study key facts

Company Avanade
Industry IT Services
Current Collaboration goals As a fast-growing company that depends on the knowledge and skills of its employees to deliver consulting services to its clients, Avanade needed to find a way to better connect its staff and centralise its knowledge across its globally-distributed organisation.
Current approach As part of a global programme to drive business change and develop a more collaborative culture, Avanade decided to upgrade its existing Microsoft SharePoint-based intranet to deliver a more interactive environment that takes advantage of new social technologies. The rollout and gradual launch of the company’s new social intranet, called @Avanade, began in September 2011, with the final migration of existing email-based communities to the new platform completing in May 2012.
Outcome Twelve months on, adoption of the @Avanade social intranet continues to grow, with active participation reaching 20% of the company’s onshore workforce, and post volumes growing by around 30% per month. While business change and adoption efforts are ongoing, the company is already seeing positive results through anecdotal evidence of greater interaction between staff in different parts of the business, and a flattening of the organisational hierarchy as senior executives become more accessible and engaged with staff.
Collaboration tools and suppliers used Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and NewsGator Social Sites

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