Collaboration case study: DSB

This article examines Danish rail operator DSB’s use of social gamification technologies from to help motivate employees and change the company culture to one focused on staff confidence, proactivity and customer focus.

Case study key facts

Company DSB
Industry Transport
Current Collaboration goals Against a background of poor staff morale, DSB needed a way to motivate employees and develop a more proactive and customer-focused culture where performance is celebrated rather than questioned.
Current approach The company decided to implement a social gamification platform where staff could share customer stories and best practices to reinforce and highlight the positive aspects of the organisational culture and enthuse staff to behave in a more confident, competent way, and to shout more about what they do well. Starting with a pilot in the S-Train division of the organisation, the project team established a network of Ambassadors to communicate and drive the adoption of the new platform. In December 2012, the solution was rolled out company-wide, branded as “Genlyd”.
Outcome Seven months after the full launch, Genlyd has 35% adoption across DSB, with 40% of users already confirming a positive improvement in morale and sentiment. The Communications team has been able to identify many more positive stories than it could previously to both further drive adoption, as well as to help extend the motivational impact out beyond the current Genlyd user base.
Collaboration tools and suppliers used Echo.IT

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